Increase Traffic To Your Website - Get Linked To Social Bookmarking Sites

       By: Seema Mangal
Posted: 2007-06-26 17:08:45
As a blogger, you always look for more traffic isn't it. In this article I am going to share a secret tool that successful webmasters, bloggers and internet marketers have been using for long to attract loads of free traffic to their sites - blogs. The secret way to increase traffic to your website and improve your page rankings is to get your blog - website linked to Social Bookmarking Sites.What Are Social Bookmarking Sites?
Social Bookmarking Sites are user communities where, users store lists of Internet resources that they find useful. These lists can be accessible to the public by users of a specific network or website. Other users with similar interests can view the links by topic, category, tags, or even randomly.How Would Submitting My Blog - Website To These Sites Help Me?
These websites are highly ranked by Google and submitting your blog to these sites is just like submitting your blog to different directories. You even do not need to submit your sites to search engines, since robots of different search engines come and index listed on these sites. By adding your blog on these sites, you also get back links that help in improving your page rank.How Can I Submit My Blog To Social Bookmarking Sites?You simply need to first register with these sites and then submit your blog to them. You can get a list of some social bookmarking websites that you can submit your blog to, at
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