How to Create Dynamic Web Content for Your Site in Five Easy Steps!

       By: Rob Mead
Posted: 2007-06-26 17:07:49
Your website or blog content area should be designed with simplicity in mind at all times. The navigation bar should be so easy to use that a blind person should have no problem with getting around your web pages with ease. Your main content text should be black, with a background that is as light as possible so your readers can easily see all the text on all of your web pages. When you use underlined text, you should only use it for hyper-links that will take your web reader to another page that gives them more details on a particular subject or topic.The way to conjure up dynamic web content is by keeping your writing tone very informal, such as the way you talk to a good friend or a close neighbor. Always write in a vibrant tone that conjures up explicit images of whatever your subject matter is. Leave the passive and meek writing tones to your competitors who are not ever going to have the amount of website visitors that you will when you develop the skill of bringing dynamic web content to your website.BORING WEB CONTENT EQUALS NO WEB VISITORS No matter what subject matter you are writing about, if your writing style is too wordy, no one will ever be compelled to read any other article written by you ever again. To avoid that, you should describe your subject matter with the least amount of verbiage possible. For example, this sentence structure is far too long: "For a complete listing of all of our products, please go to our website at and hit on the "letters" page to see more of what the USPS system can bring to your company and satisfy all of your postal service needs." Before you scan to the next paragraph what are the exact words you should remove from this boring sentence to bring out the dynamic web content in the sentence that will make compel the web reader to actually go to that website?How does this sound instead? "At, your postal needs will be satisfied by clicking on the "letters" category on our main page listing." You see how that simple phrase is far more compelling than that previous sentence? By examining every single sentence on your web pages and deleting monotonous words and phrases, you will achieve that goal of having dynamic web content in every web page on your main site.MAKE YOUR POINT NOW! Reader fatigue is a huge problem for web readers when it comes to reading small content text on every site they come across, so make sure your text is as large as possible to avoid this issue. Another way to alleviate reader fatigue is by making your subject headings in every paragraph extremely bold and to the point. 1. GENERATE COLUMNS When you have a text-heavy series of paragraphs in your web pages, you should consider using columns for that article because the viewer's eyes are just focused on the downward text style in a thin column area instead of having to read the entire length of the web page. 2. SHORT PARAGRAPHS By giving the reader most of the pertinent information involving your main topic in the first sentence, you reduce the amount of total words used to convey your main argument of your article. Try to keep a five line maximum for any paragraph in all of your web pages.IMPORTANT INFORMATION SHOULD ALWAYS BE HIGHLIGHTED This should come as no surprise to most web content writers out there because most of you use this writing technique on a daily basis. It is essential that you highlight your paragraph headers every time your write a new article or blog as this allows your document to be organized into different sections. When you also include your keyword phrases in the headers, you are also increasing your chances on getting a much higher search engine ranking.A great way to generate dynamic web content is by breaking out important information into a bulleted list that is easy to read by your many web viewers. Your site visitor's eyes will gravitate towards these bullet lists in a natural manner which will guarantee that they will read all of your relevant web content you want them to.AVOID ALL SPELLING ERRORS TO ENSURE DYNAMIC WEB CONTENT The final and most important way to keep all of your new website visitors from leaving your site within a few minutes is by checking and re-checking all of your web content for spelling errors. The best way to do this is by using Spell Check first, and then go back in to your web pages and examine your web content for grammatical errors as well.Always put yourself into the mind of a new visitor to your web pages. Will he be turned off by your many spelling errors and overall shoddy web page design? If so, you need to finish reading this article and thoroughly edit every web page on your site until they are free of any spelling and grammatical errors.
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