How to Make the Most Out of Helium by Writing Articles

       By: Sean Raymond
Posted: 2007-06-24 11:25:07
Helium is really a great place to write articles, not only for making money but also for sharing your knowledge.As we know, Helium will pay the money for your articles based on how many people have read them and how well the articles are. So, it quite easy for us to make a conclusion that we can improve our earning by publishing the high quality articles to Helium to increase the pay rate of your articles or trying to write the articles for the Hot topic in Helium to attract more readers.I can not teach you how to write high quality articles here, but below are some guide about how to find out the hot topic from Helium.1. Go to the first pages of Helium, if you find that you might have some different thoughts for the articles listed there, I would like to recommend you to write an article under the same topic. The key reason is that the articles listed in the first page always get more traffic than those hidden in the deeper link of the web site.2.Another method is to search Helium for the Key Word you want to write articles for. You will see a list of topics from Helium after the searching. I suggest you to write for at least the first top 10 topics in the list. Imaging it, when the reader want to read the articles related to some specific Key Word, they will go to Helium and search the word, and the articles they are most possible to read will be those listed in the top list of the searching result. Just like the way you use Google.I have tried above method in Helium, and I did see my earning increased very fast. And hope this method will apply to you as well.
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