A New Era for New Era

       By: David Ruiz
Posted: 2007-05-29 10:42:40
There are times when an actor can actually sing and a traditional sneaker company can successfully design women's dress shoes. These are instances where talent transcends all barriers. However, these moments are rare in time and few and far between. And New Era is vying for a chance to do what many have attempted but only few have accomplished.New Era is the largest sports licensed head wear company in the world. They have been in business for over 80 years and it shows. Their workmanship can be seen on the heads of many, from Jay-Z to Prince William, Major League Baseball teams to NBA members, New Yorkers to Nigerians, and many more. They have now evolved their business from hats to apparel. Their apparel line due out this year will resemble their headgear. The line is very sporty and reminiscent of Lacoste (and I could go on and on with the examples).While New Era has gained much popularity with their hats they have not proven to design a clothing line that is new, better, and different. In fact, it is still not clear as to what distinguishes their line from another sportswear designer. On the other hand, may just be my opinion. I believe that when designers set out to create anything, it should be uncommon. Their creations should have their own individuality and reflect a certain uniqueness. Perhaps we should give it some time. They might prove to be the leaders of men's sportswear.Will they allocate the funds to market and differentiate their creative genius? This will be important in a market which is saturated with designers as well as the infamous knock-offs. If you remember, it took them tens of years to become who they are today. In the meantime, they should continue to do what they do best.
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