Premier Golf Card Company Profile

       By: Jamie Turver
Posted: 2007-05-07 10:31:23
Company BackgroundPremier Golf Card established February 2006 Objective to increase participation in Golf, and provide tangible rewards for Golfers Currently course relationships developed with over 500 UK and Ireland Courses in 2006, an extra 250 clubs to be added during 2007 and a total of 1000+ clubs achieved by the end of 2007. The majority of courses initially offered a two for one discount on green fees for the card holder (Belfry £140 with Premier Golf Card £70!) Golfers select a course from the website and book according to conditions displayed on web page.Development of BusinessAcquired in early 2007 by Lealta Limited, a group of Companies specialising in Loyalty Benefits - providing robust resource and experience to develop card programme. A number of innovative ideas implemented to develop and promote the card, promoting tangible benefits to all stake holders.Magnetic stripe added to the back of the card - empowering collation of Management Information and Reporting on redemptionsCard reading hardware and supporting software provided to Clubs - tracks use, and prevents fraudulent redemptions; also allows tailored promotions to cardholders based on spendRegional staff recruited by PGC - enabling closer relationships to be developed with participating golf CoursesOffers developed through dialogue between Relationship Managers and Clubs - 2 for 1 offers replaced with 50% discount per card, one person per card - ensures that 2 playing using one card generates 150% of a single green fee, rather than 100%Participating Courses to increase to 1000 during 2007 - opening the opportunity to more and more Courses, and broadening choice for cardholders, both in the UK and abroad.
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