Software Leasing

       By: Jimmy Sturo
Posted: 2007-04-09 12:49:20
Whether it is for large company servers or for household personal purposes, software solutions are becoming quite complicated, due to its high cost and installation charges. Among many options, software leasing is considered a smart and flexible tool to acquire expensive software solutions within one?s operating budgets. It provides opportunities for the users to employ most modern software tools without any substantial investment. When a software tool is leased, users pay only lease fee, and the annual payment is usually made over time. This enables companies to overcome budget limitations. Software leasing is mostly in the form of capital lease. But, in some instances, it is treated as an operating lease.As it effectively solves business problems, software leasing is highly advantageous to both high-tech and domestic companies. The prime benefit of software leasing is that it does not require huge cash outlays, deposits or advance payments. This allows users to control costs and conserve cash reserves and equity position. Benefits also include lower technology acquisition costs, tax advantages, and preservation of working capital and credit line. In addition, software leasing ensures 100% financing of the cost of the software, since it is inclusive of consulting, customization, and training costs. Sometimes, options are available to own the license of the lease by purchasing software at fair market value at the end of the lease.Leasing cycles and payments are negotiable and usually comply with debt covenants. Payments are designed in such a way that it can fit into any budget, and payment term generally ranges from three to five years. Software leasing services are generally made available by leasing companies and software developers. Some of the leading names in software leasing services are Cornerstone, LeaseSource and Coach Capital, LLC, SoftwareFunding, and PlanMagic. Most provide comprehensive lease finance solutions as well as complete network installations combined with flexible monthly payments and tax benefits.Leasing provides detailed information on Leasing, Equipment Leasing, Commercial Leasing, Furniture Leasing and more. Leasing is affiliated with Equipment Leasing Companies.
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