Florida Health Insurance

       By: Lee Simanoff
Posted: 2007-04-07 08:56:27
Florida health insurance is in most probability something Florida residents and businesses use at one time or another. Reality is having an active health insurance policy can make a significant difference in the care you receive. Affordable Florida health insurance is not easy to find.The wrong expectations - Although, many consumers are starting to understand that Florida health insurance can be very expensive, there are still some health insurance plans that offer low deductibles and having everything covered with just a small co-pay. But finding it is the hard part, you will need to set priorities and budgets when shopping for a Florida health insurance plan as there are so many of them and the combination that fits your priorities and budget is what you need to sign up for.Use a plan with a prescription deductible - Florida health insurance carriers are going to really soak you for the prescription coverage. Most generics are fairly inexpensive and by having a deductible for prescriptions, you will save a lot of money on premiums. In case some terrible illness strikes, you will still have the prescription coverage once you meet the deductible. Statistically, this is a great place for almost everyone to save money.When possible, stay away from association plans - These plans are not native Florida plans and permit the insurance company to play games with your premium increases each year. Over time, you will pay a lot more. Ask the agent if it is an association plan and what state governs the plan. The answers you want to hear are "no" and "Florida".Florida Health Insurance Priorities - Your first priority should be to cover major illnesses and accidents. If necessary, most of you can probably pay for a doctor visit or prescription. But, it is the hospital bills or prolonged illnesses that push us over the top. You need to first focus on covering the catastrophic bills.And finally Find a good agent - you do not want to deal with anyone who represents just one company. The plans that require the agent to be captive (represent only their plan) are not generally the best plans available. Make sure they can offer you a variety of health insurance plans from different carriers that sell insurance in Florida.
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