Digital Camera Considerations for the Beginner

       By: Tom Watson
Posted: 2007-03-17 08:02:17
As most people will tell you when choosing the right digital camera, you should consider what purpose you would be using the camera for. You may be advised to get a cheap digital camera if your intentions are photographing birthday parties and holidays, and for most people who just need a camera, this is probably good advice.However, when you consider yourself a novice or a beginner in digital photography, you may have other intentions as you pursue your interests in photography. You know who you are and you can answer this question for yourself.Pursuing digital photography as a hobby, for example, should enhance your decision in choosing a camera with features that help result in higher resolutions. And purchasing a camera with more features will help you learn. After all, getting a cheaper digital camera will only be frustrating, when you realize you could have had a better, reliable model for only a little more money.In the current digital camera market, the number of megapixels a camera has is dominating the choice an amateur photographer makes. If you want a good digital camera that will not break your bankroll, then make the choice to not purchase one with more than six megapixels. Although at the writing of this article, the seven megapixel cameras are very popular, perhaps you can find a great deal on a six megapixel.Consider the Fuji FinePix A610 Digital Camera. Now there are many great models of digital cameras on the market, but the Fuji FinePix line of cameras is very popular with many beginners. Sporting 6.3 megapixels, this particular model will perform very well for you.The following statement is an example of what the future may hold for digital photographers. You will be finding extremely better resolution from the most low cost camera models, not to mention some great new features listed in the next paragraph.Other considerations on choosing the right camera for your needs are anti blur features, anti shake and image stabilization features. You may not find them on any conservative model camera, but they are worth mentioning here. These are pretty cool features as they not only help people with shaky hands while photographing, but also enable you to take pictures in darker areas without a flash.So, besides concerning yourself with what you will be using your new digital camera for, do some research beforehand and decide what features on a camera will best suit your needs for your evolving photographic endeavors. A model with extra features you do not need today is a good decision, because you may need them tomorrow as the interest in your hobby grows.
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