The Open House & Marketing

       By: Christian Jacobsen
Posted: 2007-02-24 08:20:28
In today's bustling real estate market the most important aspect of selling your home is marketing. What is the best way to ensure that your home receives the attention in deserves? Unfortunately this is not a question that has only one answer. The answer is a multi-faceted solution that covers numerous different types of media and sales strategies. These are all designed to inform and draw prospective buyers to your home, and to ensure that they have a great experience while they are there.As real estate technology has definitely moved with the times, the internet has become the most prevalent and dominant source of advertising for homes and properties. The web has become everyone's first stop when looking for a new home. In looking for a real estate agent to sell your home, try to find one with an established and professional web presence. A well designed and beautiful website can help feature your home to thousands of buyers every day. The agent should also engage other forms of print and advertising media to garner attention for your home. This includes newspaper ads, buyers packages, and fliers that can be left on the "for sale" sign for interested buyers to take at their leisure. The equation is really quite simple, the more people that see your home in one media or another, the more prospective buyers there are.One event that is of vital importance is the open house, but not the one you may be thinking of. The most important open house is the one where your agent shows the home to other buyer's agents. This is a day when only other agents will see the home. Other agents, with numerous buyers who are currently in the process of looking for a home in your area. The days of selling a home simply by putting up a sign are gone, the MLS listings system has opened up a new an valuable vein of marketing. Your home can now be viewed by people all of the world. Think about how many prospective buyers that could be...Christian Jacobsen is a long-time Utah real estate agent and resident, who works state-wide bringing families and homes together. Christian's knowledge and experience make him the ideal choice when looking for a new home or property in Utah.
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