3 Article Writing Tips to SE Friendly Artilces

       By: Annelise Carter
Posted: 2007-02-17 08:23:28
How to get an article to SE Friendliness:1. Title Usually, the title is displayed in the actual URL with most article directories, meaning if you have a poor title, you will get low SE results. Your main keyword(s) should be at the beginning of the title to ensure optimum SE optimization.2. High Competition Article Keywords Do not use high competition keywords as mentioned above. More than likely, you articles won't be the focus of any major marketing campaigns, but a stepping stone in your websites marketing arsenal. The idea is to target low-competition keywords so that you cover all bases and get a better ranking in the SE's with both high (your website) and low (your article) competition kewyords.3. Use of PLR Articles Not a good idea... article writing can be time consuming and a lot of webmasters are tempted with Private Label Rights articles. This leads to duplicate information and no chance of SE rankings due to the fact so many others will be using them also. Couple that with the fact that most article directories run a copyscape.com query and if more than a few instances are found of the same article, yours won't go through. If you use PLR articles, you need to ensure they are unique 100%.Other Options: Outsource your work. Ghostwriting services are out there that offer cheap, quality SE opitimized articles, but there are also those that don't. Be sure you check out credentials first and do not pay until you have been able to check the article for SE optimization yourself.
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