Domain Name Selection - Choose a Domain Name that Shows Your Visitors what Your Website is All About

       By: F. Heymans
Posted: 2007-02-15 06:47:52
Is it possible to use a domain name for your website, and immediately show your visitors what your website is all about? Yes, it is! Not only your guests, but also search engines like Google, will be thankful for these kind of domain names, since this kind of domain name is more likely to be found.If you take a look around on the internet you will notice that some Uniform Resource Locators ( = URLs), stand out and tell a visitor what she or he could find on this or that particular website. Here are some bad examples: => about Arizona; => about luxury; => about engineering. Here are some good => about engineering; => about luxury; => about travel.To get suggestions about which domain name to choose, I can advise Google Labs => Suggest (see also: Type in a general word that describes what your website is all about. For example: "engineering", then you get suggestions like "engineering management", as being sought after 915,000,000 times over a certain period of time . So your url could be "". Or another example is: "luxury" then you get suggestions like "luxury homes", as being sought after 88,700,000 times over a certain period of time. So your new url could be "". One last example is: "travel", then you get suggestions like "travel channel" as being sought after 1,030,000,000 times. So your new website could be called: "".I hope you get the general idea. It is all about clear communication with potential visitors to your website. When you see the url of the three last examples, there is no doubt what these websites are all about.So if you do not know where to start next time on an new url, think about a general word describing the content of your website. And use Google Suggest to see what people are searching for, and thus what describes you website content at best.F. Heymans invites you to visit Domain--Hosting.Hegatrading.Com where you can register your very own domain name. When you visit, you will be able to select a domain name, that suits your goal.
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