Walking Meditation

       By: Eddie Tobey
Posted: 2007-02-05 22:36:50
Walking meditation is a type of dynamic or active meditation, which means meditation in action. Walking meditation is a type of meditation exercise where the meditators slowly walk a set path and observe the entire act of walking with complete awareness of the whole body and each step taken along with maintaining a link with breathing. It is recommended to choose a fixed walking path that can be circular or quadrangular so that meditators do not have to worry about where they are going and can give complete attention to on the act of walking.The focus in walking meditation is to become aware and mindful of the entire experience of walking. The several different types of walking meditations are based on the way in which walking meditators meditate. The most popular and effective walking meditation is where meditators watch all their movements frame by frame and as closely as a camera would capture them. Another way of carrying out a walking meditation is to practice it as a variation of Vipassana Meditation, which was introduced by Gautama Buddha. Walking in Vipassana requires the mediators to pay attention to the contact of each foot as it touches the ground. Other obstacles such as thoughts or traffic faced in the course of meditation are simply to be noticed and observed, and then the mediators can redirect their attention gently to the walk. Walking in Vipassana is similar to sitting Vipassana meditation but the movement is helpful for some and can be a welcome change.Walking meditation creates awareness among the meditators regarding outside objects such as objects they might trip over or other people that they might walk into. Other external influences such as wind, sun, rain, and the sounds of nature, humans and machines also help increase the awareness of surroundings and the Self. Walking meditation is also more effective as it is easier for most people to be more intensely and more easily aware of their bodies while walking, as compared to sitting.Meditation provides detailed information on Meditation, Meditation Techniques, Transcendental Meditation, Guided Meditation and more. Meditation is affiliated with Tai Chi Videos.
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