6 Pilates Exercise Tips - Lose Weight And Improve Fitness

       By: John Glover
Posted: 2007-02-04 23:21:38
Pilates Exercise TipsPilates was developed by Joseph Pilates, who integrated several body disciplines to form the Pilates exercise methodolody. Here are some useful Pilates exercise tips and pointers: -1) Pilates will not help you build huge muscles. Large muscles can make you more susceptible to bodily injury unless they are adequately conditioned. It may surprise you to learn that bodybuilders can benefit from Pilates exercise as it also helps elongate the muscle and also aids movement and positioning. This helps reduce the incident of injuries whilst practicing other sports.2) Pilates exercise can be done in very little time. As it concentrates more on quality than quantity, most of the exercise routines can even be done at home in 10 to 20 minutes. If you have a busy schedule and don't have much time to fit in an exercise routine, you may find Pilates is the thing for you. Atypically you will do a maximum of ten repetitions in any one exercise.3) If you don't want to or can't work out at home, then an exercise studio is a good option. The added advantage of this is you will be in the company of others exercising, have access to an expert there to guide you whilst also having the correct equipment required for the exercises.4) Pilates is not just about balance of the body, it's also about balance of the mind as well. Pilates concentrates on methods of breathing that increase blood flow to the brain. This increases circulation and removes toxins from your body as well. You can also find more information on breathing techniques for Pilates exercises at http://www.mypilatesinformation.com5) Consider also using other pieces of equipment suitable for Pilates such as an exercise ball, a mat and resistance bands after you have mastered the initial movements and are comfortable that you are doing them using the proper techniques.6) The most demanding form of Pilates exercise is the winsor pilates system. This system burns the highest amount of energy and assists in also losing weight. After you have done Pilates for a while you may want to focus on a specific set of exercises to get in the kind of shape you want to.
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