Anti-Aging Tips for Women - Seven Can't Miss Strategies

       By: Debra Thompson
Posted: 2007-02-03 23:56:50
Getting older is a fact of life and shouldn't be anything to be worried over or feared. Most traditional communities treat their elders with great respect. Modern Western societies seem to do the opposite. It's east to get the impression that life is over at forty, at least judging by TV and the movies, and often women feel the pressure to keep looking young. That's unfortunate, and we should examine our attitudes, rather than damaging our health in an effort to look younger.There's certainly nothing the matter with wanting to look as good as you can, while avoiding behaviors or conditions that result in premature aging. Looking older than we are is oftentimes related to our heritage, but it is more often caused by bad habits and choices. You can't change your heredity, so work on what you can do to stay young. Staying informed and making decisions that start you on the best possible track early is vital to every aspect of health!Looking and feeling as young as you can isn't complicated. Take heed of these easy ways to keep from premature aging - seven simple steps to deal with the things under your control.Nix the tanning beds this winter. Over use of tanning beds may lead to excessive wrinkling and related skin problems. If you want a tan, acquire it naturally, by sunning in moderation early in the day or late afternoon, when the sun is not at its peak. It's fine to look pale during the colder months.Eat less. Limit snacks. Our bodies expend more energy digesting food than on any thing else. Food is intended to fuel our bodies. It should be enjoyable, but not a form of entertainment. Carrying all the excess weight from overeating stresses and stretches the body even more. Your body will tell you what it needs if you will let it. It has been demonstrated that periodic fasting is beneficial for one's system.Exercise. We were made to move. Ever notice how animals don't show indications of their age until late in life? So don't be lazy. Start a regular walking program, or start toning, or get a Pilates DVD and use it often and you'll delay the aging process. Join a tennis club, or find a friend to walk with you. If you have some restrictions in what you can do, don't give up. There are many programs created for those with physical limitations. Contact your local hospital for a recommendation. Not only will you look better, the improvement in your energy level will be an even greater benefit.Do not be satisfied until you determine ALL the side-effects of the prescription drugs you take. Pharmacists and other practitioners can assist you, and don't neglect online forums where others are discussing this topic.Get lots of rest. Sleep is where our body rejuvenates ("restores youth") itself. Your body was designed to follow a sleep cycle. Don't rob yourself of sleep. Get enough sleep and keep on a regular schedule.If you smoke, quit. Smoking is a leading cause of premature aging in women - to list just one consequence. Smoking will load up your system with toxic chemicals that build up over time, and the effects will show in your skin.Let water be your beverage of choice. Most of us don't drink enough water. Fluids move nutrients into the system and take toxins out. Do not underestimate the necessity of water for maintaining health and vitality.We must endure the ravages of time and nature, but we don't need to accelerate them. Employing a bit of common sense early on can pay off big in the long run.
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