2007-You And The Rest Of The World-Better Or Worse?

       By: Neville Grundy
Posted: 2007-01-14 01:26:40
Each year the world changes, for the better, or worse. we don't have any control over what governments or what other people do. Many people fret, freak out and try to worry and change stuff that they simply cannot change, while others change what they can, these people make the world there oyster. Whats the world is for you an oyster or a pot of sower lemons?This year there will be endless opportunities that you can take, that will make your life and those around you shine. Way up each opportunity, and the costs and benefits, and choose the ones that will make you shine. Keep your eyes open and your ears tuned and be ever on the lookout for good opportunities.The best way to create the opportunities for yourself is think of what you can actually do for others, to make there world better. If your the person that sits back and waits for the world to do something for you than I don't want to disappoint you, but generally speaking what effort you put is in relation to what you will get in return. Some of the wealthiest people on earth are doing something to help others, some of them million's of people are benefited because of them.How to help a million of people, its easy. Just help one, than another and so on. If you help just one person and they help 10 haven't you helped 12. I say 12 because don't you get a buz and a kick out of life? It puts you in a good state of mind, which helps yourself.You get what you focus on! if you focus on the good things in the world and not the bad you will have a much better outlook on life, become more positive and other people love people that are positive and fun rather than negative. People love people that help them become positive and get things done.This year lets help each-other, lets make our world a better place - in return the world will become a better place.
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