DMAE: Facelift In A Jar, Or Fantastic Fraud?

       By: Michele Buccia
Posted: 2006-12-23 01:47:01
As a practicing Aesthetician one of the biggest skin product questions I get is - what is DMAE and how does it work?Over the past several years, the interest in DMAE has skyrocketed - in part due to the amazing results many women have claimed to receive after beginning to use it.(Dimethylaminoethanol) has been referred to as a “facelift in a jar”, however, contrary to what many people will tell you, it remains a mystery as to how DMAE topical actually works to firm the skin. What is being studied is the possibility that DMAE protects the skin’s cell membrane and through extending the cell’s life, contributes to plumping of the skin. And Plump skin usually means a fuller, healthier looking face - hence the reputation as a quick, easy and inexpensive home facelift solution.Many websites and companies which sell DMAE cream claim that it does improve the skin’s firmness and tone while increasing smoothness and brightness. And there are many women who have used DMAE claiming this to be true. For many consumers, DMAE has proven to be the elusive "fountain of youth" amongst the many creams, lotions and promises that preceded it on the marketplace.The best thing about DMAE is that whereas most creams can make the appearance of lines and wrinkles less noticeable - DMAE has actually been proven to have a positive effect on sagging of the facial skin. The results I have observed are never quite that of a face lift – but it is possible that DMAE can reduce further sagging - really providing users with a lift - both literally and figuratively..:-)Like anything else in the beauty and skin industry, you have to be careful when buying new products to ensure you are getting good and authentic ingredients from a reputable company. We have all heard the stories of fly by night operations arriving on the scene to "service" the latest fad, only to disappear weeks, if not months later leaving lots of disappointed customers in their wake.The key is to ALWAYS be an informed consumer - make product choices based on good research, recommendations and a keen understanding of your needs and goals when it comes to your skin and appearance concerns.As a side note - for those clients who have problems applying a topical cream or lotion, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C Ester also come in pill form and have some amazing other stated benefits as well.Among them are:DMAE: Increases your energy, and Memory/Learning Cognitive skills.Alpha Lipoic Acid: Protects your liver and brain function, reduces risk of cataracts.Vitamin C Ester: Promotes a healthy immune system and stronger bones.Do we know these to be true?Only time will tell, but if proven through additional research, these ingredients may have many exciting anti-aging properties for your entire body, further reinforcing my belief that they should be an integral part of your present skin and beauty regimen.
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