Time Bandits - Who Stole Your Clock?

       By: Ali Rodriguez
Posted: 2006-12-10 01:39:22
Time is our most precious commodity.MONEY comes and MONEY goes, but Time: “We can’t get it back!”So, spend it wisely, treat it like an Investment….and yes, this includes family and friends. Sometimes, they are the biggest bandits! They just don’t know it, and neither do you. Help them be your allies in this important crusade for your time, and theirs too.TIPS on how to manage your precious commodity.First, you must Identify your Time Targets1. Things you can control
2. Things you can Influence
3. Things you can solve
4. Things you cannot controlSecondly, here are four approaches to solve or alleviate the process:1. What needs to change? Is it you, or the situation?
2. Is it YOUR perception of what’s going on?
3. Do you need to walk away and leave the situation all together? or COPE?Then, Prioritize your list. Honor your MUST DO’S!!!1. Give each task a “purpose”.
2. Identify what you need to do.
3. Identify what you DON’T need to do.
4. Allocate a specific amount of time per task, then:Distinguish
Delegate (Leverage)Always know what your time is worth! ~ This is a MUST DO! ~BE Sure to:1. Take a look at what's working for you with your time managment techniques. If your present techniques are not working for you, Dump them!2. Have you written your top FIVE priorities? If not, please do so immediately. Be sure each priority is aligned with the reason WHY you are doing this. Remember the 6 D's mentioned above. Delegate and Delete are two of my favorites, what are YOURS?3. Focus is one of the most important and invaluable skills. Learn to focus on what you want to see happen and do it all, one project at a time.
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