Most Common Plastic Surgery Traps

       By: Ted Douglas
Posted: 2006-12-07 06:13:02
Cosmetic plastic surgery has become a routine procedure over the past few years, but before you book an appointment, you should first make sure that you are aware of some of the common traps patients encounter.1. Poor recommendations. If you are planning to consult a past patient of a plastic surgeon to determine if you would also like to use them, be sure to consult those who have had good experiences. Patients who have had bad outcomes tend to place blame on the surgeon, even if the procedure was performed well, and even though they are informed going in that complications are always possible.2. Becoming addicted to plastic surgery. Some people become addicted to cosmetic plastic surgery once they have had their first procedure. It is important to realize that frequent plastic surgery procedures can lead to irreversible damage to regular body structure. Though this disorder is known as being limited to the wealthy, many people will take out substantial loans from the bank in order to pay for their addiction.3. Having a procedure for the wrong reasons. People who have extreme self esteem issues should not have cosmetic plastic surgery done. Altering ones appearance will not automatically solve personal image problems. Many plastic surgeons choose not to go ahead with procedures on patients who are depressed or have other mental health problems, until those problems have been cured first.If any of the above mentioned things seem familiar to you, perhaps you should reassess your approach to the surgery. Are you getting the most accurate information about the surgeons available to you? Can you see yourself having multiple procedures if the first one is successful? Are you having the procedure for you, or for someone else?
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