Adding Mobile Video Installations to Your Detail Shop Services

       By: Lance Winslow
Posted: 2006-06-20 23:47:18
If you own an auto detailing shop and you are looking for additional revenues perhaps you should add mobile video installation, as that is the new hot thing in the market. By adding mobile video installations and XM Radio you will meet new clientele who spend a lot of money on their cars and care about them.If you can allow one bay of your detail shop to do mobile electronics installations such as mobile video installations you will find that these customers will also be great detailing customers and the kind of people who will refer you by word-of-mouth advertising to increase your referral rate.Mobile video installations are getting to be very easy because many of the mobile video systems are mounted inside the back of the headrest and it is only a matter of matching the headrest and putting it into place and then wiring the system. It is not difficult to find people who were able to put in video systems in cars because the systems are much like stereo systems and audio systems.Mobile video installations are good because you can charge a lot of money to do them and the type of clientele, which usually installs the systems has money to spend for other services. It is a good complementary business to add and it therefore makes sense to consider mobile video installations as another service to your auto detailing shop. Please consider this in 2006.
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