Enterprise RSS Series - Think Like a Publisher

       By: S. Falkow
Posted: 2006-11-26 00:33:58
Enterprise RSS is a system to distribute content across the web. The viewpoint to take is that of a savvy publisher, not a builder of static web pages expecting your audiences to remember to come back to your site.RSS allows the user to subscribe to your feed without having to remember to return to your site to check things out. Even if the user bookmarked your site in their favorites, the chances are they are unlikely to revisit on a regular basis. And even if they did come back to your site, how would they know what is new or updated?However, by using an Enterprise RSS system, the user basically subscribes to your RSS feed and thus gets a notification on their RSS reader every time you add something to a page enabled with RSS feeds.For example, you have new product releases every couple of months and updates on other products monthly. You could send your user an email but it would have to make it past the spam filters. Or you could get your users to subscribe to a RSS feed.Imagine a page that has been set up with an RSS feed. Instead of trying to inform your users of the product announcements by email, postal mail, phone call, fax or whatever, you use the cutting edge Enterprise RSS feed system. As soon as you upload your content (in this case a product announcement) your users get notified on their RSS reader.Your user glances at the summary and if interested will access the full article on the product update. It's a near perfect way to publish your content:1. 100% deliverability as the user subscribes to your RSS feed.2. No spam.3. Users are a captive, interested audience otherwise they wouldn't have subscribed in the first place.4. Your users get instant updates of your product announcements. RSS marketing is heads and shoulders above other distribution methods.5. By optimizing the content in alignment with your key word research and adding the content to your web site, it will help in increasing your sites visibility with the search engine. RSS feeds also help in creating inbound links to your site.One you have this ideal content distribution system in place as part of your Enterprise RSS program, concentrate on the quality of the content. A good publisher thinks in terms of great editorial, which drives the whole publication (RSS feeds on the web site) and is key to a successful Enterprise RSS program.
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