People Tracking: Hiding is Impossible

       By: Diana Heyden
Posted: 2006-11-19 00:01:42
People tracking are another famous RFID technical solutions. Radio Frequency Identification method has many challenges to identify a unique object or person, a people tracking system consist of number of hardware and software devices.The RFID tracking system is based on the theory of Radio Frequency Transmission. RFID tags are used to send and receive data. Data is transmitted in the form of Radio Frequency, which is needed to be change in machine-readable form. RFID intelligent tags perform this important job for the system. This data gives the information about the location of an item in manufacturing department, identify any packet in warehouse and track any person.All information transmitted wirelessly and stored by the tags automatically. At the other end, Reader is available to receive the transmitted data. This tag is attached to the intended tracking object. It has three important parts: Chip, Antenna and Packaging. When Radio signals senses by the tag, they automatically start to read the signals.The main goal of the RFID-enabled tracking system: ·Get the real time location of the object within the tracking scope. ·Provide the valuable services by the help of RFID based tracking system.RFID-enable devices have different features according to their requirement: .Active Ultra High Frequency .A strong signal RFID tracking device used in high-end services such as people tracking, location-based service, or special services.Passive Ultra High Frequency Frequently used to guard gates, and can handle many people entering simultaneously with limited coverage area.Low Frequency/High Frequency Used to guard gates, but cannot handle many people entering simultaneously.Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages matters when you think to use any kind of RFID software. So always choose most appropriate RFID technical solution for every different application. In people tracking mostly active devices are used.Hospitals and prisons are two most common places where people-tracking system is get used. In hospitals to identify and track every activity of the patient tracking account is maintained. It becomes an easy tracking system to track their inmates. Many jails of different US states like Michigan, California, Arizona are already using RFID powered tracking systems to keep a close eye on jail inmates.
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