Computer Addiction: Social and Multimedia Surfers

       By: Jeanette Joy Fisher
Posted: 2006-11-14 23:30:06
More and more people find themselves facing a difficult situation with computer addiction. It's an addiction that's shared by young and old, and now strikes as many women as men, as many young people as retirees, and people from every education and intellectual level. Different groups are more likely to be struck by different types of addictions, but there's plenty of computer addiction to go around.Online Social NetworkingThe first group that's likely to get hooked are folks who have difficulty with social situations. They may be shy, insecure, and find the computer a desirable way to be able to interact with large groups of people without having to physically be in their presence. The old Internet joke that "no one knows you're a dog" may make some people smile, but for socially challenged folks, being able to develop relationships with people from around the world is no laughing matter. There's a certain safety on the Internet that raises people's self-confidence without having the stress of face-to-face encounters.Multimedia Stimuli However, it isn't just socially challenged people who find themselves addicted to the computer. The latest breed of computer addicts are people who like to lose themselves in multimedia presentations and the sheer color and glitz of the World Wide Web.It's no longer necessary to have any real computer training to get on the Internet and surf to your heart's content. All you need is a modem and a browser, and you're off and running. That means millions more people are surfing, which brings with it the potential for an exponential increase in various computer addictions.Monitor your computer use. If you find that you're spending more time interacting with people online than in person, perhaps it's time to get some help with computer addiction.
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