Arizona - Geography, Touristy places, Cities, Climatic conditions

       By: Manu Goel
Posted: 2006-11-14 23:28:05
Located in southwestern part of the US, Arizona is best known for its desert landscape. In contrast to this desert landscape, is the lesser known pine-covered high country, which lies in the north-central portion of Arizona. If you win US visa in the US Green card, make it a point to visit this state that acceded to the Union as the 48th state on February 14, 1912. It is bordered by New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Colorado, and Mexico. The natural areas of this state will amaze tourist visiting Arizona on a US visa. There are the state parks, national parks, and regional parks, then you also have the scenic canyons and mountains to capture your senses. Other attractions include ghost towns, zoos, petroglyphs, and the numerous caves that are worth exploring. With a diversity immigrant visa, you can contemplate on long term plans in Arizona. Phoenix is the capital and also the largest city. The Phoenix metro area has a total population of around 3.9 million. Other main cities include Tucson, Paradise Valley, Carefree, and Rio Verde. The climate in Arizona is very cold in November through February. The temperature during this period ranges from 40–75°F. Summers are dry and hot with temperature ranging from 90–120°F. Rainfall is scanty averaging around 12.7 inches annually. To visit Arizona, you still have time to apply for visa lottery 2008. But to make sure that your visa application form is not rejected on grounds of incompleteness or incorrectness, take the help offered by portal sites online. These can help you in filling out the US green card lottery application form and thereby assuring you a place in the US green card lottery.
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