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             31 October, 2020


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The Family At Christmas (Popularity: )
There is nothing more precious nothing more dear Than God's gift of your family year after year Each member is priceless far beyond compare So gifted so talented quite unique and rare Family at Christmas is much more than you see More than the lights shining the gifts or the tree Its time to look back on our gift from above The purest conception of faith hope and love The most beautiful baby was born as foretold In himself ...

Papa Augusto's Cosmic Journey (a Poem) (Popularity: )
"I was just there; I don't know how I got there...." That is what Papa Augusto said to me at the dinner table this evening (New Years Day-2008). "I asked the Lord (he said), 'why did you send me to a planet without people?" Before he could follow-up on the question (or perhaps ask the question again), the Lord had sent a few spacecraft his way; they were now landing, and a number of folks were dropped off in what papa called ...

Almighty America (Popularity: )
American hyperbole far greater than the Super Bowl The true axis of evil and insidious mole taking its toll The propaganda machine which speaks untruthfully Masquerades arrogantly, maximizes the media cleverly Paints a picture falsely to sway the populace wholeheartedly Pushing freedom propaganda domestically to expand outwardly Strategically locating and setting coordinates geographically Then creating and demonizing a resource rich enemy While peddling fear and homeland security to the citizenry Beat the war drums furiously and ...

Mozart - Originality and Boldness (Popularity: )
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a boy wonder! A miracle born of God from the start Your musical output a divine art Timeless and forever cherished Alternating moods most vivacious Your cultural experiences numerous Marvelously influential and inspirational Foundationally immensely impartational As you did listen, learn, and absorb Evolve and grow magnificently With boldness and originality Arising all the more with vitality Profound contrasts and higher unity Agitation coupled with surprises Attending to the smallest details In each masterful symphony Your departure from small Salzburg Where did reside ...

Dedication To All (Popularity: )
***To My Friends Who Are *** SINGLE Love is like a butterfly . The more you chase it , the more it eludes you. But if you just let it fly, it will come to you when you least expect it. Love can make you happy but often it hurts , but love's only special when you give it to someone who is really worth it. So take your time and choose the best. ***To My Friends Who ...

Where Is the Sun (Popularity: )
Today, I stood at the bus stop somewhere in London and my feet froze. I thought it was summer, or so the official time has been telling me. "British Summer time". What has happened. Where is the summer? The weekend should have been a warm one, one bank holiday gone another bank holiday coming soon. It is exactly as it says, a holiday for the banks and no one else... ...

Fluidity (Popularity: )
To communicate to someone else, one's truest, most inner feelings, is a very difficult task to say the least. It is a task that is rendered virtually impossible, when the use of mere words is the only medium available. How can a person even begin to relate to another, the complex range of emotions, that like some abstract river springing from the soul, flows through the heart and swirls through ...

The Mad Coffee Lady (In English and Spanish) (Popularity: )
But you My Mad Coffee Lady had God's Pity Ah yes, you passed once our way Some said (must have said): "They are all one These vagabonds! " (A pest!) This was their song. Her feet bare, frosted, benumbed Chilled veins, like chains of iron Hacked heart-yet she weathered the winters With the night, ice cold waves of air- "Victoria the Mad," of Huancayo: homeless. Yes, yes! Slight were her arms, Yet they held a tin can for coffee, ...

DARPA Training Sharks and Bees to Help Against Our Enemies! (Popularity: )
DARPA is an agency, which helps with military R and D and thus protecting us from the enemy. They can make sharks swim a certain way or attack a terrorist my night or by day. But we need another favor to protect our nation, because our Congress has gone on vacation. This time it is the illegal aliens can't you tell, our borders leak like a sieve this problem we must ...

The Liberal Poet (Popularity: )
The liberal poet claims to be our friend, To help us understand and protect us to the end. They claim to be wise and men of the mind, Yet all they produce for us is complaints with a whine. Somehow we are drawn to their words, But much of what they say is only for the birds. With rhyme and verse and words of song, They supposedly help us with what's right and what's wrong. We are to ...