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             20 March, 2023


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Share Best Funny Text Messages to your Pals & closed ones (Popularity: )
You are not completely dressed up if you don't wear a smile. Smile is seen to be the best medication and in an effort to make individuals giggle, one or two funny jokes are necessary. If you’re not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no chequebook. It is rigorously tested that in an effort to stay fit and healthy, both physically ...

Keep your Eyes on your kids through Phone Tracking Software (Popularity: )
Do you feel frustrated at not knowing where your kids are or if they are in potential danger? Every parent dreads that moment when the kids don’t arrive home from school on the bus at the normal time or you arrive to pick them up at a specific location and they aren’t there. Where are they? Your heart starts to beat a little faster and you try not to panic as ...

A Chick With a Pick (Popularity: )
I'm unwilling to pigeon hole myself politically, but if forced, I would happily place myself in the 'frustrated feminist' box. If I was around in the early part of the twentieth century I'd have been more than happy to burn bras with the Suffragettes, as it's a literally evil contraption. The bra-burning remains a point of contention amongst the modern day collection of men-haters, but the fact that these freedom-fighters went ...

A Small Murphy's - Maybe (Popularity: )
I have nothing but admiration for the reunited Spice Girls. Their music may have been atrocious, and you'd struggle to find a greater collection of dogs outside of Battersea, but their trailblazing work in the field of ginger acceptance remains unsurpassed. The minging quintet penetrated the public consciousness to such an unprecedented degree that the entire English language evolved as a result. The bints were slightly embarrassed when the meaningless soundbite ...

Hate Days Are Weak (Popularity: )
Smarter people than me, if such a group actually exist, have struggled to find a solution to the threat of terror. Islamic fundamentalists are often berated, but I have a certain amount of sympathy for their plight: if I couldn't have a bet or a bacon sandwich, I'd probably be suicidal myself. I don't want to ram my own theories down anyone's throat (if I was to ram anything down somebody's ...

A Ruck and a Charred Plaice (Popularity: )
We all do things in life that we later regret. More often than not; it involves pairing off with a tubster after a heavy night on the ale; or 'Lenny Henry syndrome' as it's known on the street. I am particularly ashamed of my behaviour while on a family holiday in Greece. The hotel manager struggled to understand the wife's thick Glaswegian accent, and jumped to the conclusion that she was ...

Kitchen Sounds (Popularity: )
This is the sound of my husband making dinner: "oops." It isn't always oops, but tonight, for some reason, it's oops. Do I dare ask why? I'm not sure. I'm either coming down with the flu or recovering from something like it, and I'm not sure I'm in any kind of shape to hear the answer. Sometimes the sound of my husband making dinner is an extremely loud smoke alarm screeching ...

How Do You Know Your Medication Level Is Correct? (Popularity: )
Two days ago, I noticed that my mouth was hanging open and drool was cascading into my cereal. This event caused me to question if my medication dosage was a tiny bit too high. My spit mixing with the oatmeal enraged me enough to smash the bowl in my sink. I made an appointment to see my doctor. Thank God for the discovery of psychiatry. It makes me wonder how people ...

The Spanish Contribution to the Eurovision Songfestival (Popularity: )
When you live in a foreign country you need time to understand the culture. If you focus on the humor part of the culture you can come up with many differences easily. Not only the content part of humor can be different but also the form; what was popular in one culture can become popular in another but many years after. This is like paintings: some countries have shifted their ...

Humor Has Been My Life's Calling! (Popularity: )
In my younger years in school...I've hit a home run or two; I've thrown a touchdown pass or two; I've won a dance contest or two, etc. In my later years, I've sold my artwork at arts and crafts shows and built an award-winning website. But, nothing gives me more satisfaction, than to put a smile on somebody's face, and I've done it countless times over the years! Humor has been ...