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             20 March, 2023


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Home Theater Design For Your Enjoyment (Popularity: )
If you are trying to find ways to make your house a bit more exciting and fun, then here's how to save you from trouble. There are a lot of ways to make your house a bit more enjoyable and entertaining. These options range from different types of materials, activities and equipments. And when it comes to equipments, nothing beats a home theater system or a Home Entertainment room. These ...

Syncline Films Pvt Ltd. (Popularity: )
Syncline Films is a New Delhi (India) based production company offering video production & broadcast services. With strong industry alliances, in house production and post-production facilities, we are capable of delivering international quality service with more production value. Syncline's mission is to facilitate its clients in achieving their creative goals. Our experienced and talented team of Creative Directors, Line Producers, Production coordinators, video editors, cameramen... all strive to bring in a ...

How to Make an Indy Film (Popularity: )
So what do you do when you have non-professional actors and no budget? You embrace the docudrama/neo-realist film making philosophy. When you cannot afford special effects and fancy cameras, you don't strain your budget. You make minimalism your special effect and you blur the lines between fiction and reality. For a church film, I would suggest a mission's docudrama in black and white. We've seen the docudrama's success in films ...

Legion - A Review (Popularity: )
Legion Review: A Legion Movie Review Synopsis God lost faith in humanity and He wanted to exterminate the world's population for their sins. He put Archangel Gabriel in charge to lead the legion of angels in wiping out the world's population but this gambit was objected by another archangel - Michael who led the battle to protect the son of a young waitress (Adrianne Palicki) who is carrying Christ in her womb. ...

James Cameron's Avatar in 3D is Brilliant (Popularity: )
After a week or two in the theaters, I decided it was finally time to set some time aside to see Avatar. I always try to avoid the opening weekend box office hype of any movie, and Avatar's has been anything but short lived. Even tonight, the theater was filled to capacity on a Tuesday night for a 10:30 showing. This really goes to show how much attention the movie is ...

The O2 Media Balancing Act TV Show Is Already Making Plans for the "Big Game" in February (Popularity: )
Deerfield Beach, FL - As college and pro football teams are just starting their seasons, the O2 Media Balancing Act TV Show is already planning for its "Big Game" specials that will air on Lifetime leading up to the final professional show-off in February. Due to the fact that this is such a fan-favorite topic, the show's producers have to determine story lines and select the guests that will appear ...

LED Backlighting - TVs Are Going Green (Popularity: )
The latest generation of LCD television technology is a whopping 40% more energy efficient than last years models. Samsung, Sony and Toshiba have all introduced TV models utilizing LED backlighting, replacing the more power hungry CCFL backlight used in previous years. To verify power consumption, Techtree.com performed measurements on a 46" LED TV using a power meter with different levels of Energy saving. The measured power usage was between 72W ...

Brand Star Entertainment, The Salad Days of Summer Are Here (Popularity: )
The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television Presents A Chef's Special Cole Slaw Recipe (Pompano Beach, FL ) - Summer and salads. What a fantastic combination. Mixes of crisp, fresh greens are a great addition to any meal, especially barbecues. The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television welcomes Chef Jeremy Hanlon - known as the "Fresh Chef" - who prepares a tasty cole slaw recipe that's perfect for your next cookout. The segment ...

The Five Best Humphrey Bogart Films Not Named Casablanca on Satellite TV (Popularity: )
To think of Humphrey Bogart is in many ways to think of classic film itself. He is that tough, cynical presence who is noble to the end. His character in Casablanca probably crystallizes that persona more than any other film, but it's just one stop along a tour of Bogart's brilliant career. Here are his five top films other than Casablanca now playing on satellite TV. 5. To Have and Have ...

Five Things You Didn't Know About Hallmark Hall of Fame (Popularity: )
Over the years a number of movies have been put out for public consumption under the banner of the Hallmark Hall of Fame. These movies are largely family friendly and a good many of them also are set during a particular time in history. The name Hallmark Hall of Fame has come to signify quality, with many of the movies distributed as such earning a number of well respected awards. ...