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             19 January, 2021


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The Thrill Is Gone: Jazz Vinyl and Rock Vinyl (Popularity: )
B.B. King previously sang "The thrill is gone," (sounding better on vinyl album) and when it comes to the present state of music, I have to agree. Music is an art form that must forever evolve whether we're admirers of those changes or not; I'm not one to assess one period to another and state either better. When I say the thrill is gone, I'm speaking about the way we, ...

Learn How to Make and Sell Music Online - Become a Professional Now (Popularity: )
Learn how to make your own music online, then sell your music online. Join the new revolution of music, learn how and were to start. Make your own brand of music then sell it online. Top well known famous club DJs have made some popular club music making it online with their own computer. Anyone can do this and if you are into music and would love to learn how then ...

Miley Cyrus' Glamorous Outfit at the 2010 Grammy Awards (Popularity: )
The ever so popular pop star Miley Ray Cyrus has occasionally had her fashion successes and failures, but she definitely wowed the crowd and the celebrity press when she attended the 2010 Grammy Awards held on January 31. While she originally became famous for starring as the title character in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, it is hard not to become well known when you are the daughter of much ...

Find the Best Music Making Program Download Here (Popularity: )
Learning how to play a musical instrument is both expensive and time consuming. It can take years of dedicated practicing and thousands of dollars in lessons, obtaining the proper musical instrument, and books and accessories. Modern technology now allows us to create an entire symphony of sound with nothing but a computer and music making program downloadable software. What used to be so complicated and high-tech just a few years ago ...

Easy Piano Lessons For Beginners Do Exist (Popularity: )
If you've ever tried to learn the piano from a beginner's book you will have discovered two things at least. Two things that make learning piano much harder than it need be. Most piano beginner books are aimed at children. There seems to be a belief in the piano lesson publishing industry that it's only children that learn the piano from scratch. This is plainly not the case as there are ...

Free Songwriting Tips (Popularity: )
It is a good idea to use the title of the song as a basis upon which to build. The title is the thing that everyone will remember, it is the attention grabber. Begin by looking around for good titles, something that will evoke strong emotions in yourself, and therefore also in your audience. Try to set a regular time slot for your songwriting every day, if you do not have ...

Cheering With Groove FM Online. (Popularity: )
Groove FM is well known from the year 2001 and is helping the young generation of Australians. We now have entered into an overall online radio station allocating thousands of people around the world. Our service is available for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We have made great progressions in our various fields from our establishment. Our slogan and motto is the same just we have ...

How to Learn a New Song on Guitar (Popularity: )
Learning guitar is supposed to be fun, except when that new song becomes the three headed hydra that you are unable to defeat. Here is a great method to attack those new songs with so you can move on to become the guitar warrior you are meant to be! First pick a song that is challenging at your level, not impossible but challenging. This will help you grow as you ...

Buying a Guitar - From a Music Store (Popularity: )
Making a decision on buying a guitar from a music store whether for beginner or any player of any level of ability can be scary for many, since the chances of you knowing what to get is like a blind man leading the blind - there is no sense of direction. This article will help to clear some of the haze away from your eyes and will look at how ...

Humanitarianism - A Recurring Theme in Michael Jackson's Music and Videos (Popularity: )
Humanitarianism, as strung from the strings of Michael Jackson's heart, became a recurring theme in his lyrics, his videos and his public persona. Jackson's songs such as "We Are The World", "Man In The Mirror" and "Heal The World" convey his interest in humanitarianism, equality and world peace. In 1985, Jackson co-writes with Lionel Richie, "We Are The World", which is released worldwide to aid the poor in Africa and the ...