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"Buying Days!" (A Short Story on Prolonging Your Life) (Popularity: )
Alabaster Rightfield was getting old, he was 61-years old, in 1940 that was next to old age, perhaps he had a few more years, but not many to live, and he was an advocate, and something of an activist on the concept of: live and let live, and don't interfere with God's plan. He was a journalist for a big newspaper in Minnesota, and he wrote a weekly column called ...

Sega, Sammy E-Commerce Sites Expand (Popularity: )
In another sign of expanding cooperation between the two companies, Sega and Sammy have recently begun to share their Japanese e-commerce resources. Starting late last week, the Sega Direct online shopping site began carrying Sammy-related goods, and Sammy opened its own Sammy Direct site as well. The Sega Direct online store has been open for business since the earliest days of the Dreamcast, when it bore the name Dreamcast Direct. ...

Spider-Man 2 (Popularity: )
Extra: Click the downloads link to see Gregory John talk about the new features in the game in our video interview. With a connection to one of the biggest movies of the year and a solid track record of Spider-Man games behind it, 2002's Spider-Man was a big game for all parties involved, most notably publisher Activision and developer Treyarch. The game sold in huge numbers and cemented Spider-Man as one ...

New EyeToy Sports Details (Popularity: )
Konami's first EyeToy game will see release in Europe this September, the publisher announced today. It'll be called U Move Super Sports, although Konami's American division favors the simpler title EyeToy Sports for its planned fall release in North America. U Move is a collection of 15 sports-themed mini-games for individual players or tournament-style party competitions. As per the EyeToy usual, they all involve success through outlandish physical gesticulations -- ...

Silent Hill 4 (Popularity: )
After a few sleepless nights, we've gotten through the import version of Silent Hill 4: The Room, and if there's one thing you can say about it in comparison to the other three games in the series, it's that it's very different. How so? Well... The end of traditions: Since none of the previous games started you off with the radio or flashlight right away, it takes a while to realize ...

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