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Essential Marketing Tips For Actors - What is Your Niche-Brand? What Makes You Unique? (Popularity: )
The best way to successfully jump start your acting career is to clarify what you are selling. What is your Market? Niche? Brand? The first step for most actors is getting roles in unpaid off-off Broadway showcases which give you experience on stage or in student/indie films which give you experience in front of a camera. It's good to observe and see the process but not so good for a healthy ...

Explore California's Santa Ana River Trail - A Bicycling Adventure (Popularity: )
The Santa Ana River Trail spans over 120 miles through Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties in Southern California. The trail is one of the largest non-motorized social boulevards in the United States. It is utilized by school kids, workers, walkers, runners, bicyclists, horse riders, bird watchers and its parks and open spaces are social gathering places for kids, families and communities. It is a favorite bicycling route in California. ...

Getting audio video recording for an event (Popularity: )
Audio recording coupled with video recording is a money-spinning technique that helps to get two things done at the price of one. It is beneficial for all and sundry in the trade and involves gathering of information obtainable at a particular event. Accordingly, audio video recording for conferences as well as events have stretched out and nearly all the companies performs event video recording in order to have a remembrance ...

Green Technology Is the New 'Efficient' (Popularity: )
According to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the demand for electricity in the US continues to grow, even while concerns over long term reliability of supply persist. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts the country's electricity demand will grow at the rate of 1.8% to 1.9% percent per year till 2025. To keep pace with this increasing demand the US must add approximately 300,000 MWe of new capacity ...

Has Google Earth Destroyed the Aerial Photography Business? (Popularity: )
Google Earth is a great resource, and yet one of the most controversial things online. Mostly due to the fact that people enjoy their privacy, and do not like aerial pictures of their properties; they find it intrusive. So too, do many governments of the world, some of which are trying to hide things, others that are trying to keep various assets safe, and some that are definitely rogue nations ...

How Do Online Film Schools Work? (Popularity: )
Do you know what online film schools are? How did these online schools come into the picture? How do these learning institutions conduct classes online? What are the subjects that these film schools offer to its online students? What is in store for the graduates of these institutions? Or what are the career opportunities that graduates of Internet-based filmmaking schools could grab upon graduation? What production companies are open to ...

How to carve a wood sign (Popularity: )
The first thing to do is to sketch the design of your carved wood design in a drawing program or onto a sheet of paper. If you are going the paper route it is best to sketch your design on a sheet of paper with a grid pre printed on it so that you can transfer the design onto the wood. When you transfer the design you can scale up ...

Immerse Yourself In The Music, Dance And Storytelling Culture Through North India Cultural Tours (Popularity: )
Diverse is one word that comes to mind when one thinks of India’s culture. There are twenty eight States, all vastly different from each other in terms of language, customs, traditions, cuisines and way of dressing. Each region has something unique to offer. A cultural tour is a great way to understand the enigma called India. North India in particular has a lot to offer on this front. North India ...

Indian Miniatures - Painting Secular Lifestyle of Medieval India (Popularity: )
Where would the history of Indian painting, especially of it medieval period, stand without the broad mention of Mughal Miniatures? It would be hard for an art critique to paint a complete picture of cultural and artistic journey of India without putting the miniature paintings on record; these were the exotic and beautiful pieces of art that the artist did under the helping umbrella of the Mughal emperors who ruled ...

New EyeToy Sports Details (Popularity: )
Konami's first EyeToy game will see release in Europe this September, the publisher announced today. It'll be called U Move Super Sports, although Konami's American division favors the simpler title EyeToy Sports for its planned fall release in North America. U Move is a collection of 15 sports-themed mini-games for individual players or tournament-style party competitions. As per the EyeToy usual, they all involve success through outlandish physical gesticulations -- ...

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