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             23 April, 2024


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Medicare Fraud and Abuse: The Most Profitable Healthcare Crime in the U.S. (Popularity: )
Medicare fraud and abuse cost taxpayers approximately $60 billion a year. It’s one of the fastest and most profitable crimes in the U.S. The government health insurance program that covers 46 million elderly and disabled Americans is being hijacked by opportunists preying on patients, doctors, suppliers, and lack of oversight of the system itself. According to President Obama, Medicare fraud and abuse is fueling enormous federal budget deficits. He recently explained ...

Corporate Identity Theft: Is Your Organization at Risk? (Popularity: )
According to the FBI, consumer identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. Unfortunately, corporations, which essentially have the same rights and risks as citizens, are increasingly becoming victims of professional identity thieves. Indeed, a company has as much of an identity as the rest of us. The difference between consumer identity theft and corporate identity theft can be defined by the number of people affected by it. ...

Shred Your Documents to Avoid Identity Theft (Popularity: )
The US Federal Trade Commission defines identity theft as when personally identifying information is used without your permission to commit fraud or other crimes. Identity theft is a growing crime and if your identity is stolen the results can be horrific. Your personally identifying information includes social security numbers and other identity numbers, date of birth, credit card and brokerage account information and much more. Unfortunately our personal identifying information is ...

If I Use an Identity Theft Protection Company Will it Protect My Credit Rating? (Popularity: )
Protecting your identity and your credit scores is on the minds of many people now days. More and more people seem to be having problems with some type of identity theft is some form or another. Identity theft is growing at an alarming rate and more scams are popping up faster then anyone could ever think of. It is important to remember to never give out any personal information to ...

Identity Theft Prevention Tips - How to Help Prevent Having Your Identity Stolen (Popularity: )
Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in Canada and the USA. In fact, the FTC estimates that as many as nine million Americans a year fall victim to identity theft. Identity theft has been called the crime of the information age. The Internet has simplified our lives immensely by increasing the accessibility of personal information. Unfortunately, identity thieves have taken fall advantage of the ease of access online ...

Holiday Identity Theft by Mail (Popularity: )
Are you thinking about sending out gift cards or checks with your holiday cards this year? If you are, you might want to think again. It turns out postal workers might be looking to stuff their own Christmas stockings using your gifts and identity. Stolen gift cards and Christmas checks are bad enough, but when you consider all the personal and financial information on your checks, it's easy to see how ...

How to Protect Your Identity During the Holiday Season (Popularity: )
Holiday cheer is all around us and winter is in the air, we feel the chill of the season and the happiness of the time of the year. No matter where we go it's hard to hide from the fact that it's almost Christmas time. With mistletoe and lit up trees all around, the presence of stocking hung with care we keep our spirits bright all through the day and ...

ID Theft Victim? (Popularity: )
If you are a victim of ID theft, it it imperative that you call the 3 credit bureaus immediately to place a fraud alert on your file through this number: 1-800-680-7289 Once you have called, you will need a real police report (not the online version as Experian will not accept this) Bring your credit reports with you and insist on a MISC ITEMS report if they give you a difficult ...

Who Has Access to My Credit Report? (Popularity: )
From the day you are eligible to own your first credit card, credit referencing agencies such as Experian and Trans Union start to collect information on your financial history. This information goes into making your personal credit report and is used to determine your credit score. Banks use this information to help them decide which banking products, such as loans and credit cards, will be suitable for you. The Difference Between ...

Identity Theft - What You Need to Know (Popularity: )
Today most consumers can get credit within half an hour after going into a store. All that they need to know is personal information about themselves and their credit report. Such credit system allows consumers to spend carelessly without having the hassle of waiting to get credit Such spending is partially responsible for the high rate of personal bankruptcies filed during recent years. However, there are also other side effects ...