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             05 March, 2024


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Getting a Copy of Your Past Tax Returns (Popularity: )
Tax returns are part of our "important documents" when it comes to finances. If you want to get a mortgage or loan, you might be required to show copies of them. So, what do you do if you can't find the returns for a particular year? Well, there is no need to stress. The first thing to understand is the IRS is your friend in this regard. For all the discussion ...

Guidance on Creating Tax Receipt (Popularity: )
A tax receipt is very important to simply keep track of the various types of taxes paid by you to the government. Here is how you can actually create a tax receipt. The first thing that you have to do is simply keep track of your tax payments. When you pay a tax you must get a receipt, you should keep it with you always. Use the information provided on the current receipt ...

How Much Will My Tax Deduction Be if I Donate My Car? (Popularity: )
Often one of the first questions a person has when deciding what to do with a car they no longer want is “What will my tax deduction be if I donate it to charity?” When you donate car to charity the amount you can claim on your itemized federal tax return depends on two things; the fair market value of your car and what the charity does with the car. The ...

IRS Clamps Down on Wesley Snipes and Other Tax Protesters (Popularity: )
Actor Wesley Snipes has given the anti-tax movement in the U.S. a new face. The actor earned more than $38 million between 1999 and 2004, but failed to file any income tax returns for those years. He and his co-conspirators claimed that a technicality in the Internal Revenue Code allowed him to escape taxation of his earnings. If convicted of the criminal tax charges against him, he faced up to ...

IRS Turns to Computers to Choose Who Gets Audited and Who Doesn't (Popularity: )
Taxpayers audited by the IRS aren't selected randomly by humans any longer. They're chosen methodically by computers looking, line by line, for irregularities in tax returns. An Internal Revenue Service (IRS) audit can make even an honest and thorough taxpayer worried. In fact though, an IRS audit is simply a review of your tax return to determine how accurate it is. Taxpayers Likely to be Audited -People who receive cash for their ...

Property Taxes Increase With Home Prices (Popularity: )
With the increasing value of your home comes the increasing bill from your property taxes. Property tax collections have increased 35% from 2002 to 2006, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. With high property taxes pressuring the budgets of many homeowners, consumer backlash has been seen across the nation. At least 15 states currently have tax-cut proposals in the owrks, according to the National Taxpayers Union. If you have found that your property ...

Purchase Your Car With Unsecured Car Loans And Fair Sum Of Money (Popularity: )
Buying a car, particularly a swanky one needs a hefty amount of money. For most people in UK it becomes difficult, sometimes almost impossible to purchase a car in cash. That is why many car purchasers depend on car financers and car dealers to buy the car of their choice. But research reveals that these people end up paying a large sum of extra money by financing their car through ...

Saving Money with Tax Free Medical Plans (Popularity: )
Do you have medical expenses that you incur every single year? Do you always use up your entire medical insurance deductible on co-pays? If so, there are a couple of medical saving plan available that would allow you to use tax-free money to pay for your medical expenses. That is an automatic 28%+ savings! You see every time you pay the co-pay using your checkbook, credit card, or debit card you ...

Sending Your Kids To College - Educating Your Children (Popularity: )
What are parents to do in this financial climate in so far as educating our dear children? As always, the answer is right before our very eyes. We need only to look, listen, and seek knowledge that is understandable and practical. Welcome to my show and the MWIB series regarding financial studies. Please read and learn and be sure to ask lots of questions. For those of you who haven’t heard, ...

Small Business Tax Tips (Popularity: )
Any small business owner knows that they may live or die by the financial decisions that they make. While many cut corners by making prudent purchase decisions, few realize the opportunities that are available to them when it comes to working out the taxes for their business. In this article, we'll give you some tips to help you realize the best ways to optimize your taxes. - One interesting write-off that ...