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Structure Of A Successful Day In Real Estate (Popularity: )
"Do you have an outline of a day in the life of a top producing Agent?" This is a challenging question to get answered because it varies so much from one Agent to the next. On one hand it is clear that there is no such thing as a universal schedule of a perfect day. Each Agent creates their own best schedule based on personal and professional style and substance. After all ...

Creating A Winning Real Estate Exit Strategy (Popularity: )
When we talk about creating an exit strategy we could actually be talking about a few different things. One could be a rat race exit strategy that we could touch on in another article. Basically that would be creating enough passive income from real estate or businesses to cover all of your expenses and then some. We are going to be discussing a different exit strategy the kind of exit ...

Selling, Buying - Or Both? Ask The Experts! (Popularity: )
In today's competitive residential real estate market, everyone from first-time homebuyers to experienced homeowners and seasoned real estate investors needs to consider a number of aspects that may impact the sale of their current home as well as their purchase of a new home or vacation home. Selling and/or buying a home are large, complex financial transactions; and for that reason, it is important to have qualified experts help you ...

What Good Will A Market Stability Regulator Do? (Popularity: )
Question: You have written that the government's proposed regulatory response to the subprime lending scandal is overkill. How so? Saletta: My primary concern is with Paulson's plan to name the Federal Reserve the "Market Stability Regulator." If there is any lesson to be learned from the subprime fiasco, it's that risk cannot be eliminated, just transferred. Any time you falsely appear to drive risk out of a market, you actively encourage ...

Craftsman Style Architecture Making A Comeback (Popularity: )
In the early 1900s, craftsman architecture and woodworking ability were gaining steam and spreading in popularity across the country. Decorative home accents and custom trim work were hallmarks of quality architecture and were at their peak. The craftsman style began to fade throughout the century, however, as the beautiful details in these homes became maintenance nightmares that would slowly rot away. Builders also became more competitive and started pushing for ...

Tips For Finding A "Good" Real Estate Agent (Popularity: )
There are a lot of good Real Estate Agents out there who really do care about the success of your transaction and they just happen to get paid for it, too. It is when Agents get greedy and put the money before the person that they start to go "bad." Unfortunately the bad guys have fostered a bit of a bad reputation on the group as a whole, leaving the good ...

How To Know Real Estate When You Become An Agent (Popularity: )
Many real estate agents enter the real estate market each year attempting to know real estate so that they can represent their clients who expect that they know something about real estate. Some agents feel that they know real estate after they take their state exam because they don't know any better. But the truth is that they don't know real estate until many things transpire to make them a ...

Real Estate Market - Supply Vs Demand (Popularity: )
One of the statistics that seems to elude most homeowners when attempting to price their home is the simple, yet important, supply vs. demand economic factor. Going back to economics 101 (and this may hurt your brain a little bit), if you can remember the simple equations that follow, you'll have a better understanding of how the market is impacting your home's value. 1. When Supply of a Product (your home) ...

Using The Internet To Buy And Sell Real Estate (Popularity: )
The internet is a very viable way of doing business. You can take your business to new heights with the assistance of the internet. Since doing business online is the wave of the future, real estate investors are scrambling to convert their physical business to an online business. This article will explain how to buy and sell (wholesale properties) online. The internet is still in its infancy and like an infant ...

The Vital Topic Of Liens In Real Estate (Popularity: )
A lien is defined as a claim against a property for repayment of a loan or other judgments. This sounds like a very boring topic, but it's one of vital interest to you as an investor. This is because of one very important fact--a lien affects the ability to transfer ownership of a property! Believe me, it gets very exciting (and unpleasant) when a lien pops up and causes a very profitable ...