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Penny Stock Prophet Review - The Newsletter (Popularity: )
Are you interested in making money with Penny Stock Prophet but you want to find out more information about it first? Penny stocks can be a very good way to make money when traded correctly due to the potential to leverage smaller amounts of starting capital. Even though many traders are able to make a consistent income trading penny stocks, there are a lot more people who have lost a ...

Stock Market Cap Analysis - Secrets For Building a Diversified Portfolio (Popularity: )
It's important for investors to allocate their portfolios among all market caps to provide diversification, avoid cyclical returns, and take advantage of "regression to the mean" (e.g. one market cap segment outperforms another, but then they converge). Stocks can be separated into 4 groups, according to their market capitalization: 1. micro caps - below $300 million 2. small caps - between $300 million and $1 billion 3. mid caps - between $1 billion and ...

401k Rules FAQ - 401k Contribution Limits (Popularity: )
While 401k investment plans are a nice way to save money for retirement, there are certain 401k rules on how much you can contribute to all of your plans collectively in a given year. The maximum 401k contribution limits change from one year to the next and apply as one figure for all of your plans, so your total must fall below the limit each year. The maximum amount allowed to ...

The American Silver Eagle - A Favorite With Collectors and Investors (Popularity: )
The American Eagle is the emblem of the United States of America with its great strength and majestic beauty symbolizing freedom. Whether soaring above towering mountains and canyons or gliding through picturesque valleys at one with Nature, the eagle has unlimited freedom. The Eagle appears in the Seals of many States, on most US gold and silver coinage, and it is used for decorative patriotic purposes. The American Silver Eagle is ...

Gold and Silver Ratio Increases Profits For Coin Collectors and Investors (Popularity: )
Gold and Silver Ratio Increases Profits For Coin Collectors and Investors. What is the gold and silver ratio? How can the silver to gold ratio help you invest in rare coins and bullion? It is the ratio of how many ounces of silver it takes to buy an ounce of gold. In the very early days, 3500 BC in Egypt the ratio was at, 2.5:1........This means it took 2.5 oz silver to buy ...

Simple Moving Average (SMA) - Technical Indicator (Popularity: )
How to Calculate the Simple Moving Average - SMA The Simple Moving Average is the most basic of the moving averages used for trading. The Simple Moving Average is calculated by taking the average closing price of a stock over the last "x" periods. For example, the last five closing prices of MSFT over the last 5 days are: 28.93+28.48+28.44+28.91+28.48 = 143.24 5-day Simple Moving Average (SMA) = 143.24/5 = 28.65 How to ...

Shareholder Agreement - Guiding Force Behind Every Organisation (Popularity: )
It would not be a misnomer to state that shareholder agreement is life and soul of any business partnership. Since business partners are also the shareholders of the outfit, it is very essential to have a written document about the rules and regulation that would govern the partnership, a set of agreements which every partner will have to follow. It also determines what stake every partner has in the company ...

Stock Option Trading - New Options Clearing Corporation Rule (Popularity: )
I recently heard a story about a person who woke up to find that they had bought an amount of stock for $15,000.00 that they had not ordered. Are you wondering how they bought a stock without knowing and without placing an order? The answer is the Automatic Exercise Threshold for equity options. In October of 2006, the OCC (Options Clearing Corporation) put a change into affect. They said that while ...

Share Market Tips Provider (Popularity: )
Share market has now gain a huge status nowadays and growing on day by day. It was started some around 12th century in France. The reason for launching of this market was increased debt in the agricultural community. This market was brought into existence to manage all the debts. This was done with the help of banks and the people who are known as the brokers. And now the development ...

Are you overpaying your stock broker? (Popularity: )
I remember in the late 90s, when stock market was hitting new highs and people were making fortunes on internet stocks, everyone was excited about Etrade. With Etrade you could pay a measly $20 to buy stocks! What a deal! Conventional brokers charged $80 in stock commissions. Then Ameritrade showed up and it charged only $15 to buy or sell stocks. A bit later Scottrade appeared on the radar with ...