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Availing Cheap Calling Options After Careful Comparisons (Popularity: )
You can find cheap calling plans easily as there are several telecommunications options available nowadays. You need to look up the various aspects of selecting a suitable service. The different options include teleconferencing, using global calling cards, or choosing a VoIP service provider. You need to verify the call quality always. It is of no use using a cheap facility if you cannot even make the calls! Check independent online ...

Marine Fire Fighting Equipment - Ensuring Ship Safety and Damage Control When There is Fire (Popularity: )
Fire fighting offshore is different than fire fighting inland. The former requires different strategies because the environment is just not the same, even though the circumstances during which fire accidents can start off are basically similar. Accidents usually happen when the ship is quite far from the coast, and in these instances, help is usually difficult to summon. Of course, it is imperative that all ocean vessels be equipped with ...

Communicating With Purpose (Popularity: )
Communication is the glue which holds your school together and yet it can also be the thread that keeps coming apart. As managers we are so often focused on getting the job done that we can forget to consult and involve the right people in our decision making. The truth is that most of us are poor communicators and listeners probably because of all the distractions which limit our ability to ...

Putting Momentum in Your Meetings (Popularity: )
Meetings can be a time for dynamic interaction or a time for mundane conversation and boredom. Momentum is the thing that makes the difference. But how do you keep ideas flowing, bullet points flying, and conversation brisk and exciting? The answer may surprise you. Preparation is what means the difference between good meetings and bad meetings. When you schedule a meeting the first thing you need to do is map the ...

Bullying at Work - What to Say to the Workplace Bully (Popularity: )
Probably the most common question I receive from workplace bullying targets aside from "Why Me?" and "Why Does the Bully Do What They Do?" is this question: "What can I say to the bully?" Most targets of bullying in the workplace do not want to "take it anymore," and rightly so. Most targets also feel that by saying something, they themselves will gain back some measure of the power they feel they ...

Short Simple Comebacks to Silence Workplace Bullying (Popularity: )
You've mustered the courage to say something. You think, "I have finally stood up to the office bully," and when you do, they deliver a harsh comeback. Are you prepared? Be prepared - there will most likely be a comeback from most office bullies when they are confronted. Remember, they do not care, and they are often not aware. Also remember, if they operated from a secure place of high self-esteem, ...

Secrets of Powerful Communication You Can Learn From Jet Pilots (Popularity: )
In Part 1 this article I want to share with you one of the most powerful yet illusive concepts related to powerful communication. This powerful secret can help you in business meetings and with one on one situations with people at work. This can also help you after hours and in social settings. Before I get to this secret I first want to acknowledge the importance of spoken and written words. Obviously ...

Negativity Is A No-No In The Workplace (Popularity: )
We are what we think. When we think negatively, we then proceed to act negatively, to our detriment and the detriment of those around us. In the workplace, this can result in long lasting harmful effects. It is the responsibility of the leadership and management in an organization to prevent this from happening. When they do, they will find workers operating more efficiently to the betterment of the business as ...

Business Communication Etiquette 101 (Popularity: )
Many offices adopted a "business casual" attire in the workplace in the 1990's. This meant a more relaxed attire - no more suits, ties, panty hose, and so forth. Unfortunately, many business people have also adopted a business casual attitude in their business communications. Everyone could benefit from a lesson (or two!) in "netiquette" - or how to communicate professionally in a business environment using tools such as e-mail, instant message ...

Effective Communication - Would You Email The Hospital For A Medical Emergency Or Dial 9-1-1? (Popularity: )
I know - the question is ridiculous. Of course you wouldn't send an email for a medical emergency. Why not? There are many reasons such as: -No one may respond to your email for hours or days. -You want immediate confirmation that someone knows you need urgent attention. -There may be information missing in your email that is critical to receiving the proper response. -You want to confirm immediately that your needs are understood ...