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             25 October, 2020



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Get Paid Fully What You Are Worth When Setting Your Fees For Consulting, Writing, and Design (Popularity: )
Whatever your expertise is as a freelance creative consultant or supplier in any field of service, one of your most important marketing skills is the ability to negotiate profitable fees with prospective clients. Regardless of the amount, fees should be based on what you feel your time, efforts, and talents are worth. When first starting out, make the effort to determine what other consultants are charging for similar services, and ...

Know Your BATNA (Popularity: )
In Roger Fisher and William Ury's classic negotiation book "Getting To Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In," they use decision theory to craft the notion of BATNA, or best alternative to a negotiated agreement. Many people have heard of this term, but how many actually think about it before or during negotiations? The only reason to negotiate is to produce a result better than you can obtain without negotiating. What is ...

Appearance Matters (Popularity: )
Most of us get up in the morning, go through our morning rituals, that include getting dressed, and head off to the office. Depending on where we work, and our position, what we wear may be determined by specific dress codes implemented by our employer. In other situations we may be the one deciding the dress code, and in others we may wear whatever we choose. Regardless of where you ...

What Is Mediation? (Popularity: )
In mediation, the parties agree to work with a neutral third-party facilitator, the mediator, to resolve their dispute. The main difference between negotiations and mediation is that in negotiations, the parties work directly with each other, while in mediation the parties work with the mediator who facilitates the settlement. Here are some of the characteristics of mediation. 1. The parties agree to work with a facilitator or mediator to resolve a dispute. 2. ...

Negotiate And Win Using Body Language (Popularity: )
In tough economic times, you can still achieve successful outcomes when you negotiate, but you have to use slightly different tactics and increase your skills when it comes to reading body language. It's a given that people will try to maximize the use of their resources during a recession or other economically challenged times. If you can read and interpret body language (non verbal signals), you will have a better ...

Empathy in Negotiation (Popularity: )
Negotiation takes place when two people or more, with different views, come together to attempt to reach agreement on some issue. It is the mutual act of coordinating areas of interest. It may be a one-off event or part of an ongoing relationship. Negotiation is a form of communication, a persuasive and bargaining communication. Persuasive communication is getting what you want however, negotiation is about getting the best possible deal ...

Negotiation Sails Smoothly When You Cast Bread Crumbs on the Water (Popularity: )
Some people foster the idea that expert negotiators are visibly strategic, uptight, and miserly souls who relish "beating" their counterparts at the bargaining table. The more lopsided the deal they can engineer, the better. Of course, there are some folks that fit this description, but most smooth professionals seldom do. They know when it pays to appear generous. For instance, I signed-up for a real estate review course because my knowledge needs updating, ...

Negotiation - It's All About The Terms Not The Price (Popularity: )
The Price is not the only part of the deal? That's right the Terms and conditions are often the most critical. In fact the most effective and productive real estate sales people are the ones that can create an offer on 'creative' terms and conditions where the average agent can't even see that there is a deal right in front of them? One of the biggest mistakes a real estate sales person ...

Negotiation Is Concluded, Now What? (Popularity: )
So if you've been reading along in my other articles, you've now presumably nailed out all the finer points of your agreement. Good for you. Many negotiate but to have a hammered out consensus is really a true signpost of your success in business. In this article, I will explore the next steps to take. In some exceptional circumstances, you will not wish to pursue the negotiated agreement into the contract form. ...

Secrete- Of Successful Negotiation (Popularity: )
There was a time when I hesitate to negotiate because I was green. Now negotiation is "FUN" for me because I know what I am doing. Now I believe "everything is negotiable". But don't be mistaken it is a child game. You should learn the art of negation. Here I bring secrete of successful negotiation which I have discovered over the years. SET YOUR GOAL: First you should know what you want to ...