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3 Edgy Ideas to Create the GO Factor (Popularity: )
Ask your board, your executive team and yourself: Are we making decisions based on continued and future success, or are we making decisions on the “here and now” for the “here and now”? With advancements in technology and immediate feedback mechanisms readily available, business executives are getting mired in the short-term details and getting caught up in the “How-fast-can-we-fix-this” syndrome. Printouts and updates keep us glued to what is directly in ...

3 Mistakes That Prevent Effective Meetings (Popularity: )
These mistakes ruin meetings. Here's what to do. Mistake #1: Do all of the talking. Some meetings are run like a medieval court. The chairperson sits on a verbal throne while the subjects sit in respectful silence. The big talker justifies this by thinking: if the other people in the meeting knew anything worthwhile, they’d be leading the meeting. Reality: If you’re the only one talking, you’re working too hard. In addition, realize ...

6 Tips for Managing Subordinates (Popularity: )
Not everyone has the leadership abilities of Jack Welch or Steve Jobs, but there are some things everyone in a leadership position can do to improve their relationship with their team. Mutual respect is vital to a leader’s ultimate success so it is important that these six tips are followed by all leaders. Coach Behind Closed Doors; Praise in Public Good leaders realize a lot of their success is achieved through the ...

8 Delegation Tips To Blast Through Barriers (Popularity: )
Essential to the achievement of delegation is the advancement of employees’ self- esteem. The exercise of self-esteem as a motivator is a current phenomenon. In the 1930s the issue was immaterial. Back then, the concerns were money, security and survival - the very things that were in meagre supply. New distinct improvements in the satisfaction of these survival needs have begot a whole new set of drives. Employees have begun ...

About how 86shifts online scheduling can help (Popularity: )
Recession has compelled businesses (restaurants) to cut cost and still try and retain their customers. Is it possible? Online scheduling is a wonderful concept, which can be used by businesses both big and small to book appointments and reservations for the services they provide. There are many advantages of using this services and the most important one is that it helps businesses save time. Most restaurant managers would like to ...

Alignment of People is essential for High Productivity (Popularity: )
In today's workplaces, characterized by more work, less people, faster changes, greater complexity, greater connectivity, and separated people; the alignment of work through people is essential for high productivity. In most cases, complexity and change make it almost impossible for managers to maintain high quality alignment to keep work flowing. So there is an urgent need for a better solution to managing alignment. Work alignment is ensuring that the work being ...

Are There Real Business Benefits of ISO 14001? (Popularity: )
Let's start by asking what an environmental management system is? And I find that many people consider the answer to this to be very vague and varied. However, put very simply, the name is Environmental Management System. This is interesting because what is actually being done as an EMS does not always include the environment, the way the business is managed, or a system. * This year the South Australian ...

Are You a "Good" Boss? (Popularity: )
1. Speak with respect – It seems that respect has taken a back seat to disrespectful verbal and non-verbal behavior that is rampant in our society. It is time to put respect back into business and life. It starts at the top with the boss. Do not shout at or speak harshly to your employees or interrupt them when they are speaking. If a manager is harsh, condescending, arrogant or ...

Biltmore Who's Who Inc. Biltmore Who's Who A SCAM? (Popularity: )
Biltmore Who's Who Selects Traci Hrudka as this week's Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Registry for 2009. Traci Hrudka, President of Ellakit, LLC, has been selected as an Honored Member of the Biltmore Who's Who Executive and Professional Registry. The selection recognizes Traci Hrudka's commitment to excellence in marketing and sales. Mrs. Hrudka began her passion in the drag racing industry back in 1982 by working for her father and ...

Biltmore Who's Who Popular Online Networking Company News and Events (Popularity: )
Biltmore Who's Who Selects Jeffrey T. Schultz as this week's Honored Member of the Executive and Professional Registry for 2009. Jeffrey T. Schultz, Senior Vice-President at Morgan Keegan and Co., Inc., has been selected as an Honored Member of the Biltmore Who's Who Executive and Professional Registry. The selection recognizes Jeffrey T. Schultz's commitment to excellence in the finance industry. Jeffrey T. Schultz's experience in the financial industry dates back to more ...