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When Marcom and Trademark Law Collide (Popularity: )
Creative: I'm not festooning my marketing copy with registration symbols! And using the mark as an adjective just sounds weird! Trademark Attorney: Aacck! Think zipper, escalator, aspirin, dumpster, yo-yo, pilates, pogo stick, granola... Creative: Somebody get help - I think the lawyer's having a fit! And who invited her to the meeting anyway? Have you lived this conversation? Whether you're a creative or a trademark attorney, there really is common ground. It's all ...

Travel Safe (and Fun!) this Holiday Season - Promotional Items They'll Be Thankful To Receive! (Popularity: )
Even though Halloween isn't even here yet, people are already gearing up for the holiday travel season. Between coordinating with family and friends across the country and making deals with travel agents, it's obvious that this year, people will once again be traveling to celebrate the holidays. While most employers spend the fall and early winter months trying to decide on holiday gifts for employees and customers, keep in mind ...

Personal Branding Tips For Marketers (Popularity: )
Branding is no longer for products and services - quite the contrary. Savvy professionals are now applying the strategies previously used by marketing professionals to nurture their personal brands from developing media kits, tag lines, online career portfolios, and of course using business blogs and podcasts to bring their brand to life and engage with others in the connected Web 2.0 world. Remember everyone you come in contact with may be ...

Common Mistakes in Medical Logos (Popularity: )
Unassuming, formal and immaculate-looking, medical logos are often the focus of attention in most gatherings and symposiums where authority and credibility is important. Not to mention its impact on patients and clients as well as consumers of their products, medical and health care companies often needs that boost to stand out among the crowd. But believe it or not, the boost that they need for their medical logo is already in ...

Corporate Gifts Offer Great ROI (Popularity: )
How do you make the most of your marketing budget? Any marketer will tell you that the key to getting the most mileage of your finances is to choose activities that offer high ROI value. A corporate gift-giving program offers excellent ROI in many different avenues on the marketing spectrum. For just a bit of pocket change, you can catch the attention of your best prospects, woo them to visit ...

Who Are You? What Do You Do? (And Does Anyone else Know?) (Popularity: )
Who are you? What do you do? What phrase or few words do others use when they describe you and your business to others? Is this different or the same no matter who is doing the describing (you mom says pretty much the same thing as your insurance broker?) We're talking here about your unique brand Because people don't really buy a product or service, they buy you. So your brand better make ...

Why The Time Of The Year Makes A Huge Difference (Popularity: )
Chapter 7 of 14 We liken this approach to something that is done in the stock market by many exceptionally talented traders. The most notable that comes to mind is that of Sir John Templeton. For decades, he had a very simple philosophy. That was to buy things when they were out of favor or when no one else thought they had any value. This mindset resulted in vast fortunes for ...

Remove Your Risk When Marketing (Popularity: )
Avoiding Risk When You Steal Share What do you know? What don’t’ you know? What is knowable? Until you fully understand the REAL issues facing your brand, you cannot solve your marketing problem. Your ultimate success is therefore much more dependent upon the questions you ask then the answers you find. The price of success is the risk of unsettling the boat — rocking the very foundation upon which your business currently ...

Branding Consultants (Popularity: )
Branding consultants provide various strategies and ideas that help your business and branding become more effective. Branding consultants develop brand communication techniques and brand identity. These consultants offer branding of products according to the needs. They analyze your brand which includes its value and identity. Branding consultants give a better idea and strategy to improve branding of product. There are several branding consultants who offer you with the best service and ...

From Lemons to Loans - The Changing Face of Supermarkets (Popularity: )
Thirty years ago we would shop in local Town Centres. We'd visit the local butchers, greengrocers, wander around the open market and if we felt rich we'd have an amble around the local furniture and furnishings store. Once a month we'd catch the bus, or if we were lucky, drive our car to the local superstore. As most towns only had one, we didn't have a choice which one to ...