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Sales Coaching Tip - Winning Business Is All About Being Belly to Belly (Popularity: )
With technology making further inroads into American business and connecting U.S. businesses to the global marketplace, the tendency to rely on technology from emails to web sites to develop business may be creating some false senses of security. Yes, online purchasing is increasing, but research still suggests that business building is still about people connecting with people even if it is only through the telephone. Have you ever heard about all ...

Mortgage Marketing List Management Made Easy (Popularity: )
Many of you have huge databases and do a great job of keeping in touch with the contacts on your lists using frequent mailings. If you are one of these people...Kudos to you! When maintained correctly, your database will provide a super source of mortgage referrals and new loans, keeping your pipeline filled for many years to come. If you're like me, you're probably experiencing more and more pieces of your mailing ...

Your Client's Bad Taste (Popularity: )
In design, half of the job is selling your work to your client. If you follow classic job procedures - acquire, design, sell -, you will have already noticed that it takes far more sweat to sell your design to the client than to acquire her in the first place. Why is that, and what can you do about it? More... Design transports image, emotions, and value, thus selling a product. ...

Creating Motivated Buyers (Popularity: )
Lead management, the process of managing customer prospects and inquiries, is not simply a single promotion or one-time campaign. It's a fundamental business process that needs to be integrated into everything your company does. A proper lead management system needs to focus on marketing, qualification, segmentation, and intelligence. No matter the size of the organization, a well-defined, effective lead management methodology is critical to long-term profitability. A clearly defined lead management ...

Sales - Making the Connection (Popularity: )
What if sales were nothing more than simply connecting with people? What if it weren't about failing, rejection or even money? What if the bottom line of you making a sale was really a simple matter of whether or not you could make a connection with the client? Suppose for just this moment, that your boss has stressed that your next sale was not about selling at all. That just for ...

Searching for Excellence (Popularity: )
4 tips for improving your sales team's success The year 2007 is now officially almost half over. Is your sales team performing at their maximum potential? In recent articles, we've covered a range of tips and techniques to help professional sales people fuel their success. This week, as the height of summer approaches, we're focusing on all the sales managers, business owners and sales leaders out there who are looking for new ...

Integrity in Sales - Consultative Sales (Popularity: )
Integrity in sales starts when you look someone in the eye, shake their hand and introduce yourself. If you start off the relationship by being disingenuous about your position why would anyone want to buy from you? Since the early 90's the word "consultant" has become the buzz-word for sales organizations. Sales people now have the title of consultant written on their business cards and attached to their email signatures. Apparently, telling a ...

Sales Training Program - You Have To Work Really Hard Now So You Can Relax Later (Popularity: )
If your sales training program is built on the concept that you have to work really hard now so you can relax later you may be in the wrong program. You're being told that the program your learning is so ineffective that you have to make up for the low productivity of your training with a high level of activity. Doesn't that seem just wrong to you now that you've ...

Sales Training Program - If You Want To Succeed You Just Have To Work Harder Than The Competition (Popularity: )
How many times in your sales training program has your sales manager told you that if you want to succeed you just have to show your prospects that you're willing to work harder than the competition to get their business? BUNK! Let's look at why that presumption is just wrong, and what you should be doing instead. Your sales training program should help you to understand that the way you position ...

10 Ways To Boost Business Through The Written Word (Popularity: )
In business, how and what you write defines who you are and sets up a first impression of what you're about. And that is true whether you are crafting a four-line email message to your employees or you are communicating with clients, prospective clients, suppliers and the media. What's more, today's technological environment means that the written word has a greater impact than ever before. So how do you make sure you ...