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Advice for Ex-Offenders Looking for Jobs (Popularity: )
Have You Ever Been Convicted of a Crime? This question is the most agonizing part of any ex-offenders job search. Some believe by being honest they don't have a chance at getting a job. The fact is an employer cannot legally refuse to hire you because you have a criminal record unless the conviction is directly related to the job for which you are applying. I have spoken with former ...

An Article on Self Awareness (Popularity: )
When one neuron in our brains has the capacity to produce thousand connections with other neurons, the amount of possible connections is more than the universe has atoms. As you can imagine, in this complexity the self-awareness cannot be too simplistic to be expressed as being composed of only one factor, but from many. 1. What is self-awareness? Self-awareness is commonly perceived as something that is separate from the thoughts that ...

Be Here Now Vs Do it Now (Popularity: )
I saw this slogan some time ago and it has served me well. Three simple words that can literally change the way you think about people and relationships. There is a complementary statement that could possibly start a war because of the philosophies behind each: Do It Now. What's the difference? Glad you asked. If your motto in life is "be here now" you are more concerned with the moment. The best ...

Breaking Down Your Barriers (Popularity: )
A well known quote by Plato states "A sound body builds a sound mind." Even a few thousand years ago they knew enough to recognize that the two are intertwined! I don't care what philosophy you want to follow, every day you can look at yourself or someone around you to see evidence that it's true. Now I know that if you're taking the time to read this, there is ...

Confidence - Let Yourself Shine (Popularity: )
When you hold up a detailed mirror to your life and weigh yourself against your ideal image of yourself, you might not be able to see the things that make you truly unique. Giving yourself permission to appreciate all the universe has given you, however, will prompt you to feel more secure about yourself and more able to use your gifts and talents to their fullest. It might seem, for example, ...

Empathy - Key To Compassion (Popularity: )
You might be more sensitive to the needs of others during the holiday season. You might notice your awareness compels you to bond more deeply with the people you care about. You can use these feelings of empathy to work on seeing the common thread between all humans by understanding the travail of others. Look at the people you encounter and see their humanity. Notice their expressions, how they walk, ...

Hope for Ex-Offenders (Popularity: )
I've done my time but I can't get a job because of my record. I have heard this from countless former inmates that hope to put their pasts behind them. The key to staying free and enjoying an independent life is finding stable employment. Studies have shown that a former inmate with a full time job is less likely to go back to prison. The fact for ex-offenders is a criminal ...

How Attending the Landmark Cult Helps You Achieve Your Potential (Popularity: )
The Landmark cult is a multinational educational program operating in over 20 countries. Its curriculum has over fifty personal development programs and uses a facilitator workforce of about 700 program leaders. The end goal of all the courses and the educational programs is that graduates should be able to have better lives after completing each course. They aim to have a permanent impact in your outlook of life and how ...

How to Banish Your High Pitched Voice (Popularity: )
Nothing can melt the heart of a woman better than a string of romantic words spoken with a deep and powerful voice. Problem is, not all men are gifted with such a voice. In fact, there are men who are stuck with the high pitched voice that was supposed to go away when they have transitioned into manhood. It is so embarrassing to try and strike up a conversation with ...

How to Defend Your Faith - Part 2 - What Not to Do (Popularity: )
According to 1 Peter 3:15, we should be ready to give every man an answer that will ask you the reason of the hope that you have. What is it you can answer? I believe that anyone can answer intelligently as to why they believe, what they believe. Here are some things to do and not to do. This is not an exhaustive article that will make the reader a subject ...

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