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5 ways to tell if you need your cars transmission fix (Popularity: )
The transmission of a car is known to provide torque to the car and they are mainly of two types i.e. manual and automatic. In the automatic transmission the driver does not have to make use of his/her hand as the gears will shift automatically whereas in manual transmission the driver needs to make use of his/her hand in order to shift the gears while driving. Sometimes the transmission can ...

7 Common Mistakes When Buying A Used Car (Popularity: )
Buying a second hand car can be just as exciting as buying a brand new one, but it requires the buyer to do their homework of careful research and inspection to make sure the investment is worth the hard-earned cash. In this article, we provide 7 common mistakes buyers make that can ruin the experience of purchasing and owning a car. We also provide some practical guidelines on how to ...

A Novice Guide to Understanding Car Loan to Value Ratio (Popularity: )
Ever wondered how financial institutions like banks come up with the amount they lend to individuals who are applying for an auto loan? These financial institutions look into many different factors to evaluate risks. Credit History and Credit Scores are some of the widely known and familiar factors, as well as a person’s current debt and income. These financial institutions look and weigh in these factors in a different way ...

A Primer on Modern Brakes (Popularity: )
The buzzwords in modern brake design are anti-lock brakes (ABS) and carbon-ceramic brakes, two premium brake types that are featured in more expensive automobiles. If you're unaware of the advantages this type of technology affords you, this article will introduce you to the basic concepts and the advantages each affords you in terms of performance, safety, and value. The general term of carbon-ceramic brakes usually refers to the use of ...

Advances in Safety Technology and Airbag Defects (Popularity: )
Advances in safety technology over the past 30 years have nothing short of incredible. Almost every automobile put on the market today goes through tough safety screening processes. Cars that win high stars in safety are often marketed based on safety. A large part of the safety rating of a car is based on the number and the efficacy of airbags. But while airbags have saved countless lives since their ...

Affordable And Reliable Used Cars From Japan (Popularity: )
Used cars from Japan have made their way in the league of luxury cars. These cars are used but maintained in top end condition. Japanese owners are very loyal to their cars; a recent survey was conducted regarding maintenance and use of cars. Conclusion of the survey conducted ended by reporting, Japanese community using only 1/3 of the car’s life in 3 years time. The results were phenomenal and outstanding. ...

Allen Hyundai is the right choice for your new car purchase in Gulfport (Popularity: )
Hyundai is not a brand that most consumers would think about when asked what make of new car they would be interested in taking a look at. However, when surveyed, nearly 100% of current Hyundai owners would buy another one. Why? Because Hyundai has long been recognized as a brand that offers value, reliability and affordability to its customers. What’s more is that Hyundai has an exciting lineup for 2017. Hyundai ...

Are you looking for a good Car locksmith? (Popularity: )
There are many situations in life where we feel debilitated. One of such situations is having lost the car keys or being locked out of car for a reason or other. Most of us do not bother to take the car keys out when going out of car for a moment. But sometimes unfortunately this lends us into troubled situations when we found ourselves locked out of car. It is ...

ATVs - Enjoy with Caution (Popularity: )
Owning or using an ATV (all terrain vehicle) is an ambition for loads of people of all ages across the country. Unlike road vehicles, ATVs often seem to be associated with greater freedom and exploration of the countryside. Many people who use these specialist machines on a day to day basis do so for work, they may be farmers or gamekeepers for example, who need to have access to animals ...

Auto Repair Advertising - Why Most Advertising Doesn't Work (Popularity: )
When it comes to auto repair advertising for shops most owners wonder why their advertising doesn't work. The answer is simple; because they don't know how to do it correctly. It really is sad to see so many shops with great potential waste money simply because of the ineffective auto repair advertising they use. So, why exactly is it that most advertising doesn't work? In repair shop advertising it is said ...

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