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             02 June, 2020


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10 Common Mistakes Made in Purchase of Real Estate (Popularity: )
Purchasing real estate property is a big decision that must be taken with care. However, many people make mistakes when purchasing property. These mistakes are irreversible and can have dire consequences. However, they can be avoided easily by being careful about certain things. Some of the common mistakes people make when purchasing real estate are mentioned below. Mistake 1: Not Taking Help from an Estate Agent Many people avoid taking help from ...

5 Ways a Buyer's Agent Can Help You (Popularity: )
As you begin your search for a home, you might consider seeking the help of a real estate agent or Realtor. The term "Buyer's Agent" refers to the real estate agent that represents the buyer in a real estate transaction. They can certainly help you find a home. But a buyer's agent (the Realtor representing the buyer) can do much more, and provide assistance in areas you might not have ...

7 Simple Tips For First Time Homebuyers (Popularity: )
Purchasing your first home is a big step, that comes with some very serious decisions. Many homebuyers are intimidated by the process, and continue renting much longer than they should, or need to. However, if you break the homebuying process down into these simple steps, and follow these important tips, you will find the process less intimidating, and much more manageable. 1)Before You Begin, Ask Yourself One Question Will you live in ...

8 Real Estate Negotiation Tips (Popularity: )
When buying a real estate investment: 1. Check if the seller is motivated to sell the property In real estate investing, dealing with someone who does not really want to sell their property is a waste of time - you should forget about them and move on, no matter how promising the deal might look like. How to check the seller's motivation level? It's relatively simple: try to make an appointment. If ...

Analysis - Is There a Recession Among Us? (Popularity: )
Assuming you are looking for buying or selling a home and knowing if the real estate market is in a recession or not is certainly of high interest to you. This can greatly impact the potential savings as a buyer, and of course have an adverse negative effect to a seller. We wish we had an easy answer to this very tough question. Part of the reason the question is so ...

Brits Should Buy Turkish Property Sooner Rather Than Later (Popularity: )
Brits considering buying a property in Turkey either as an investment or a lifestyle choice should seriously consider doing so sooner rather than later, according to experts. The British Pound has recently strengthened massively against the Turkish Lira, and though it is holding firm for now the next movement is expected to be down. "The Pound is currently worth 2.52 Turkish Lira, this is more than the expectations of Forex experts ...

Buying A Home - Rain, Sun and Weather Issues (Popularity: )
When buying a home, it can be easy to overlook year-around weather issues. You may think you are purchasing a home in a sunny area, but come to find there is always a heavy cloud cover. This is just one of a number of weather issues to consider when selecting your dream home. Clouds...Rain...Floods If you must have a sun deck as part of your new home, you better make sure ...

Buying Property in Today's Economy - Ensure Quality Through Building Analysis and Home Inspection (Popularity: )
Smart investors are eyeing today's real estate market as a potentially lucrative venture; prices are down and mortgage rates are low, so there are some real deals on the market. But if you're looking to capitalize on the down economy by buying property at reduced rates, be sure you know what you're getting before you complete the purchase. Building analysis and home inspection can help insure that your new property ...

Co-Buying - Unconventional, But A Great Solution (Popularity: )
It may not be an ideal solution, but for some the unconventional alternative of co-buying a property and sharing the cost, sometimes with a stranger, is the only solution currently available to get onto the property ladder. But it is essential to know the legal implications of entering in to such a deal. There should be no difference between buying with a stranger rather than buying with a friend, or ...

Down Payment - What Is Acceptable? (Popularity: )
Over the course of the last few years buying a home with zero money down had become increasingly simple and has grown in popularity. However, with the recent mortgage market meltdown, buying a home with no money down is beginning to, and will continue to, become much more difficult. The need for a down payment is going to become much more common once again as lending guidelines are tightening up ...