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             31 March, 2023


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Recycling Plastic Makes Economic and Environmental Sense (Popularity: )
Plastics products are ubiquitous throughout the world. As dependency upon these light weight and durable products increased, so too has the need for global innovation in recycling technologies. Over the decades recycling companies developed a variety of processes to turn discarded plastics into hundreds of products from paint brushes to rugs and pillows, boat hulls and railroad ties. Calling the Consumer The greatest challenge to recycling manufacturers is educating and engaging the ...

Agricultural Pollution (Popularity: )
Agricultural pollution refers to the contaminants present in the environment as a result of agricultural practices. Most effects of agricultural pollution are felt in water environments and are caused by runoff from farms and barnyards such as ammonia, pesticides, fertilizers, oil toxins, and animal waste that make their way into bodies of water. Agricultural pollution also negatively affects the quality of air. Chemicals and byproducts from the agricultural industry are ...

Green Cleaning - Implementing the Program (Popularity: )
Ok, this sounds great and it seems everybody is going green, but just what does it take for you to get a green cleaning program in place? How do you start? If you don't have everyone in agreement on starting such a program, then your chances of success are limited. Here are some key steps that will help you get started and implement your green cleaning program. 1. Get everybody on the ...

When Going Green Is Not a Color Scheme (Popularity: )
Use the windows. Many energy-consumption problems can be addressed with simple tweaks to conventional house design, according to Michelle Kaufmann, the founder of eco-friendly home design company Michelle Kaufmann Designs. Windows and sliding glass doors placed on opposite walls, for instance, allow the sun to more evenly wash a room with light and eliminate contrast, which reduces the need for electrical light during the day. Windows also allow for natural air ...

An Interview With Erotic Romance Author Nadia Aidan, Author of ENTHRALLED (Popularity: )
Nadia Aidan lives, works and writes on the East Coast in the United States. Under her real name, she holds a PhD in Political Science and Public Policy and by day she works as an Assistant Professor. In addition to writing erotic romances, Nadia enjoys reading other authors, playing flag football, studying muay thai, working out, listening to music, and scuba diving. Her other interests include collecting Top Cow comics, especially ...

Hollywood, Aliens, And A Christmas Story - Modern Pop Culture Images Of Hungarians in the US (Popularity: )
"They're heeeeerrrrreeeeee...": Alien-(n)ation. One of the most enduring and entertaining images of Hungarians during the second half of the 20th century is the idea of Hungarians as aliens or Martians. Much of this is tongue-in-cheek, is not intended to be pejorative, and has been exploited to good effect and with great enjoyment by Hungarians themselves - to the point of their likely having been behind its origination. There are multiple overlapping/competing ...

Painting Emotion - Canvas or Pen (Popularity: )
"There's a long-distance loneliness rolling out over the desert floor." So croons Jackson Browne in "The Fuse". With this painting of emotion, the pen becomes the brush, the mind is the canvas. With but one line, a picture is painted. More than a picture, a feeling is painted. "A long-distance loneliness." It's beautiful, it's immense, and it's depressing all at once. It's a challenge when one attempts to resolve the dilemma ...

Britney Spears - Teen Pop Star Gone Wild (Popularity: )
Britney Spears was born on the 2nd of December in Mississippi USA. She reached fame after starting her career as one of the child actors in the Mickey Mouse Club (with Justin Timberlake) and has reached the top of the worldwide music charts numerous times. With sales of over 75 million records all over the world she is the eight best selling singer in American history with sales of over ...

The United Nation Step E-Waste Program And Basel Convention (Popularity: )
United Nations STEP Program and Basel Convention may be likened to an analogy where some people who after finding hard to remove a donkey that had fallen to a hole on the ground, decided to burry the donkey alive. The people shovelled the soil in to burry the donkey. Every time the soil was shoveled in, the donkey would just shake himself and move its legs and the soil would ...

Step E-Waste Should Appear To Operate Within The Un Basel Convention Framework (Popularity: )
Despite the United Nation's impressive program to create global standards for recycling e-waste and harvesting of useful and valuable components through the scheme: solving the e-waste problem (STEP), there are issues that may portray the program as not truly truly a UN and an all inclusive organization. STEP program is supposed to bring together public and private organizations, whereby companies will work with UN, governmental, NGO and academic institutions. And being ...