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             31 March, 2023



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National Account Planning - Is it Worth It (Popularity: )
Size Does Matter The natural assumption may be to associate national accounts planning with large international enterprises. However, critical mass alone does not guarantee success. The fact of the matter is that the larger the company, the more challenging it becomes to develop national account program planning and the less likely it can act quickly on those plans. Size does matter, but size often slows reaction time. A national accounts plan does ...

Micromanagement - Killing Employee Morale (Popularity: )
Employee morale is something that no business can ignore. It is something that greatly impacts employee performance, especially in a sales environment. Sales environments can, by their very nature, be very stressful and it falls to the managers to ensure that morale is kept up and performance optimized. Many managers are aware of this and create performance related incentives to their sales staff, including bonuses, nights out or even weekends ...

Sales Team Motivation - A Pathway to Success (Popularity: )
Most Sales Managers believe the way to success is in the numbers. This is not necessarily true. Since a sales team is primarily comprised of a manager and the people that report to that manager, we would all agree they have one thing in common. Salespeople are first and foremost people. In years past, there was a Vice President of Sales and a Sales Director sitting in an office someplace ...

Sales Performance - How To Measure The Effectiveness Of The Sales Department (Popularity: )
The performance of the sales department of your organization is probably tied to such measurements as the total revenue or sales revenue per product. You may even have geographical information such as revenue from the Northwest or the Gulf States. But in truth, the revenue is not a totally effective tool to measure the effectiveness of the sales department. As with any key performance indicators, there need to be a ...

Is the Decision Maker The Most Important Person in a Sale? (Popularity: )
Were you to walk into a lesson on 'An Idiots Guide to Making a Sale', lesson one might start off something like this: 'Clearly define who the main decision maker in the client environment is. If you are pitching to a company this is more often than not the Managing Director or CEO of the company. Convincing the main decision maker to purchase your product is tantamount to making the sale ...

Training: The Common Denominator For Success (Popularity: )
A few months back Fortune magazine published their "2007 100 Best Companies To Work For" report. I enjoy analyzing reports like this to find commonalities that link successful organizations. The products and services that these winning organizations offer, while important, are not their key to, since most products and services these days are all pretty much alike. What is important are the internal systems and processes that enable these organizations to ...

How to Build Master Superstars (Popularity: )
In a highly competitive marketplace, the roll of a sales manager can easily become blurred. Emphasis is often directed to the short term "Now' transactions where salespeople are pushed to achieve quick successes. Sales managers are often 'under the gun' to obtain these results for owners and senior management. As a result, sales managers may neglect their other vital area of responsibility, sales member development. This article showcases seven strategies ...

Don't Just Interview Sales Candidates- Interview Past Managers- Too! (Popularity: )
I was just spending a few minutes at the Chicago White Sox web site, absorbing some of the techniques being used by pitching coach, Don Cooper. He was jumping on his staff for exhibiting too much of a laid back quality. Instead, he wants them to aggressively challenge hitters. The article got me to thinking about the coaches I had in baseball. Some were laid back, others were micro-managers. I was trying ...

Dignity – Salesmanship and the Beatle-card Close! (Popularity: )
The competitive genre of salesmanship is based on a brotherhood that honors its members with respect, who, in turn, owe each other, uncompromising loyalty. …Paul Shearstone 1997 ************************* Over the last few decades, I have watched as simple things like common courtesy and respect - the rules that govern basic human interaction - have deteriorated to levels the last generation would not have believed. Unfortunately, today we live in a world that ...

How To Get The Best From Your Sales Team (Popularity: )
In terms of achieving and sustaining optimum performance levels within your team it is vital to recognise from the outset that effectiveness depends on the interaction of the following three factors; • Task • Team maintenance • Individual Needs In my view you must: • Ensure, continuous task achievement • Meet the needs of the group • Meet the needs of individual group members The balance must always be kept in mind (though some compromise may be necessary) Your ...