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Vegetable Gardening With the Seasons (Popularity: )
You don't have to live in the country to better connect to the seasons by growing your own food. Vegetable gardening with the seasons empowers you to get in tune with nature. Become involved in the growing cycle and increase your awareness of the year's natural turn. You can change your approach to food by growing a home vegetable garden, even on a small scale. While you probably won't supply ...

Easy Guide to Growing Herbs Indoors (Popularity: )
Growing herbs indoors is one of the most convenient and economical gardening styles. You could grow as many as twenty different herbs right inside your own home. It is all possible with the help of diverse pots. Indoor gardening is commonly associated with container gardening. On the other hand, indoor herb gardens could also be as wide ranging as a full green house or an atrium. Container gardening and tips ...

Beginner's Guide to Herb Gardening - 5 Keys to Gaining Real Herb Garden "How To" (Popularity: )
"Okay," you tell me, I've read some articles and decided what to grow." Maybe you've bought a kit or a few plants and even gotten them started. But now you want to learn specifics and gain real knowledge about growing herbs. Well, you've come to the right place. With these five keys you can do the work and reap the benefits as a real herb garden expert. 1. Keep a Journal ...

A Look at Bonsai Wiring Basics (Popularity: )
Many bonsai trees get their elegant shape through a process called bonsai wiring that involves wrapping aluminum or copper wiring from the tree's base and around the branches. Through wrapping the branches and trunk with a length of wire in just the right thickness, the basic style of bonsais is created. The formal upright style needs no wrapping; however the cascade style requires many months of extensive training. You should be ...

Planting Informal Groups of Bulbs and Bulb Saver (Popularity: )
Techniques for planting bulbs vary according to the season, to the style of garden, and to the effect you want to create in the borders. Planting informal groups of the same bulb can be highly effective and, depending on the size of the border, the groups may be repeated a number of times, with bedding plants or other herbaceous perennials between them. Groups of tulips may be surrounded by Myosotis or ...

Cordless Leaf Blower - Is it the Ideal Power Tool For Your Garden? (Popularity: )
When we were kids, we would love to play around the lawn with those fallen leaves scattered all over, kicking them around, picking a handful of them up and throwing them to our playmates. We would even jump over or throw ourselves into a pile of dead leaves which would lead to our moms scolding us. Those were the fun days. Now, as an adult, things aren't the same anymore. We ...

3 Container Gardening Ideas For the Beginner Gardener (Popularity: )
Plants & herbs aren't the only ones that sound appealing to the novice gardener ... and those are definitely not the only ones who contribute to a good container garden. There are other factors to consider too. My mom has a green thumb. Unfortunately, we were not endowed with the ability to wield money, so we only have a limited space for her "garden". It is just a small area of ...

Michelle Obama Has an Organic Vegetable & Fruit Garden and Lawn in the White House (Popularity: )
It is in the news that Michelle Obama is growing an organic garden in the White House. Everyone knows this. Michelle Obama understands the importance of having an organic garden in the home. You should have one too. Read more to find out the exact plan of Michelle Obama's White House garden and detailed tips to build one at your house. Why is she doing this? Why is this news so ...

Grape Trellis is For the Strength of Your Vineyard Grapes (Popularity: )
A grape trellis is anything that is used to train your grape vines to grow on. In the wild, grapes will grow up fences and tress. If you plant near your home, use the wall and some structure against it to allow the grapes to grow on it. If you have fields of grapes then construct grape trellis' in nice little rows. A grape trellis is simply a structure used ...

Gardening With Your Kids (Popularity: )
Summer is on the way, it will be here before you know it. One of the greatest things you can do with your kids is to plant a garden, but you must beware or you may be buying new kids bedding. Be prepared to have some dirty kids. Be on the watch for your kids bedding, because it may be in danger. Most parents understand that kids are fascinated by ...