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Barry Bonds And Major League Baseball's Home Run Record (Popularity: )
During the 2007 baseball season, Barry Bonds will hit career home run seven hundred fifty six and break Henry Aaron's all time career home run mark. Barry Bonds will become baseball's new home run king and sultan of swat. Barry Bonds will have achieved this record by being a great athlete , having marvelous hand/eye coordination and timing and acquiring great strength through performance enhancing steroids. According to the book "Game ...

Baseball Bats History (Popularity: )
Baseball bats are available in various shapes and sizes. During 1850's several varieties of bats were available in various varieties: long, short, flat and heavy. Rounded barrel bats seem to work most efficiently. Earlier bats of all shapes and sizes were used regardless of weight later in 1859 rule was implemented that baseball bats should no larger than 2.5 inches in diameter, length is not a major constraint. In during ...

Baseball Drills for Youth Teams (Popularity: )
Baseball is a game of skill and power that is unlike any other game today. Baseball has subtly to it that is often lost in other team sports such as basketball and football. So when people come together to play this game they need to be ready for any eventuality no matter how unlikely it maybe. That is why baseball drills are so important. Practicing these different scenarios keeps players ...

Baseball Shirts - Choosing the Right Shirt (Popularity: )
Baseball shirts bear a team's name or logo. They are usually worn by the fans of a team as means to show their support and admiration for the team. However, they can also be worn casually. You can easily identify baseball shirts because their ¾ sleeves are not in the same color as the torso. Kinds of baseball shirts Baseball shirts can be classified according to the wearer: 1. Children - shirts for ...

Baseball Sunglasses - Protect Your Eyes and Enhance Your Vision While Playing Baseball (Popularity: )
Baseball sunglasses are usually worn by players during baseball games to reduce the glare from the sun as well as to enhance their vision so they can spot the ball easily. There are also sunglasses for evening games that are tinted to enhance the lighting from stadium lights. Characteristics These sunglasses have polarized frames to increase the contrast between the playing field and the ball for a clearer view. Some frames are ...

Baseball Swing Parasites and How to Debug Your Game - Part 3 - Self-Doubt (Popularity: )
This is the third article in this three-part series on hitting parasites. Do a quick search for the previous articles to round out the readings. The first two articles dealt with parasites of the physical part of hitting a baseball. This final article discusses the mental baseball parasite of self-doubt and how it can debilitate your game. Since what goes on in your head while up at the plate can play ...

Basics of Baseball Betting (Popularity: )
While football and basketball are the most popular sports to bet on, baseball could be the easiest for beginners once you understand how to read the money line. Money line gambling is the primary wagering option for baseball bettors, which involves betting on the straight-up game outcome with no consideration for a point spread. Oddsmakers use the money line so that more money must be risked on the favorite or ...

Blowing a Sure Thing: Charlie Hustle and the Baseball Hall of Fame (Popularity: )
There are very few "sure things" in life. Most people never see one. But if ever one comes your way, hold on to it and ride it all the way home. Take Pete Rose, for example. The Hall of Fame (full name, The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, located in Cooperstown, NY) was a sure thing for this great ball player. All he had to do to realize the ...

Buying Rookie Cards - How to Choose (Popularity: )
Long before most of us started to buy, sell and trade baseball cards, "The Rookie Card" was a players most desirable card to have. Before autographed cards, game used memorabilia cards and numbered insert cards were produced, The rookie card was the collectors most prized possession. When we talk to card collectors about collecting today, the rookie card still seems to top want lists for both vintage and current players. ...

Cheap Baseball Tickets (Popularity: )
A multitude of online ticket brokers on the Internet offer affordable tickets to all the major MLB and NCAA baseball games. You can sometimes buy cheap baseball tickets from "scalpers" who need to unload their leftover tickets outside the stadium, but this is often an illegal practice in most places, and your chances of getting a good deal are slim. CheapMLBtickets.com, a member of the NATB and BBB that has been ...