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Recognizing Elder Abuse (Popularity: )
Abuse can happen for any age group, including adults and the elderly who may be too frail or physically and mentally challenged to defend themselves. Every year, incidents are reported by witnesses or individuals who have witnessed or had "hunches" about claimed abuse reports. There is a question of how many others are being unreported. That is why it is important to recognize abuse when it takes place. After all, ...

Signs and Symptoms of Winter Dehydration in the Elderly and 8 Ways to Avoid Them (Popularity: )
Dehydration can kill. It is crucial for anyone to stay properly hydrated but it is even more important for seniors who have other comorbidities as well as dementia like diseases. One of the reasons that the dehydration threat is higher for seniors is because of thinner skin that comes with aging. The thinner skin makes a person more prone to losing fluid. Another issue that makes seniors more open to ...

Senior Safety - 5 Simple Exercises to Lessen Fall Risk (Popularity: )
There is no exercise program available that will be effective it is not followed. The problem with many programs for seniors is that they are too strenuous, too complicated, or there are just too many exercises to remember to do and, therefore, are not continued. Before starting any exercise program it is best to check with your doctor to be sure it is okay. The exercises I am going to teach ...

Independent Living Aids (Popularity: )
Independent living aids are products that are used to help senior citizens or disabled people in their day-to-day activities. Some of the aids are talking products, writing guides, hearing aids, and low vision aids, among others. For those who are visually impaired, there are independent living low-vision aids that help them lead a normal life. There are canes to help in walking, Braille products for them to enjoy reading, talking cooking ...

Proactive Care - Staying in Tune With Our Elderly Parents (Popularity: )
Aging is a natural process. We cannot reverse it or prevent it. It's another stage in our lives. Our retirement years are just another stage in our lives. During our retirement years we undergo physical, mental and emotional changes. As your parents age you may notice these changes. This is the time to get involved in your parents lives. Taking a little bit of time to stay connected with our ...

Talking About Sensitive Subjects With Older Parents (Popularity: )
Caring for a senior citizen requires talking about sensitive subjects. If you are providing care for a parent or grandparent, you may feel awkward bringing up certain issues. This feeling is understandable. Still, discussing these issues is necessary for ensuring the senior citizen loved one is kept safe and provided the best care. When initiating a conversation that may make the senior citizen uncomfortable, try a non-threatening approach. Begin by saying, ...

Dementia and How it is Diagnosed (Popularity: )
Many of us may from time to time, forget our neighbour's name or the items to purchase at the grocery store, and we wonder if this is part of normal aging. Your doctor is the best person to speak with regarding these concerns. There are many conditions that are treatable that may be contributing to periodic memory lapses. Often when we think of dementia we think of Alzheimer's disease. While Alzheimer's ...

Medical Walkers - What Brands and Features Are Available? (Popularity: )
Life is tough enough when you have mobility problems. When just walking to the mailbox is too much, using a walker is a big help. There are plenty of options in medical walkers, so there should be no problem finding on that will suit your particular needs. What helps is knowing the brand names, model numbers and features are out there so you can make an informed decision and a ...

Choosing A UK Care Home - Types of Care Home (Popularity: )
Residential Care Homes Residential care homes provide short-term and long-term personal care, and can care for residents' minor illnesses, but don't provide 24 hour nursing care. A residential care home may be the best choice if you (or your relative) are fairly independent and are not suffering from any serious medical conditions that require a lot of care. Different residential homes provide different services and levels of care, but generally they will ...

Gift Ideas For Those Living In A Nursing Home (Popularity: )
Elderly people who dwell in a nursing home have needs that are considerably different from those living in their own home, not to mention being constrained by a limited space. Nevertheless, the confines of a nursing home do not exclude these people from receiving tokens of appreciation. Indeed, there are still numerous valuable gift ideas for those residing in nursing homes. Not knowing what these people need or want is ...