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             25 January, 2022


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Financially Supporting Adult Children Without Hurting Yourself (Popularity: )
As Washington unfurls its financial-market rescue, more seniors are looking at having to do private bailouts within their own families. Even before today's economic crisis, many adult children were benefiting from the generosity of their parents who are approaching retirement or already retired. Almost 4 in 10 adults age 60 or older give money to their adult children according to the Pew Research Center. Fluctuating costs of fuel and food, declines and ...

Top 5 Basic Elder Care Realities (Popularity: )
I always say that for the best elder care results, talk early and often with your aging loved so you can resolve your elder care issues by choice, not crisis. The earlier you start talking, the easier it is to get plans in place. The better the planning, the easier it will be for them and you in the long term. Before you begin to have your conversations with your aging ...

Me and My Aging Parent! (Popularity: )
We are blessed to be living in a time in which advances in medicine and technology have resulted in greater longevity. Yet, living longer also means that a greater number of Americans will be living with serious health conditions. Many care-giving responsibilities will fall on the shoulders of boomers, who will find themselves in the tricky position of having to make life-altering decisions for their parents. When the signs of aging become ...

When Your Parents Need Money From You (Popularity: )
Recently a close friend confided that she and her husband were having financial difficulties. Seven months of unemployment for both of them had wiped them out financially and since they both are in their early 60's, it was devastating. But even though they had depleted all of their savings, she was optimistic that within 6 months they would be back on solid ground. She thought the worst was over when she ...

How to Live With Family Members Without Hating Each Other (Popularity: )
Face it, times are tough. Families are more strapped financially than ever. Can you afford to stay in your own home? Are you a boomer or sandwich generationer wondering how to care for/pay for your kids, your parents and save for your own retirement? Are you recently widowed or retired and wondering how you'll make ends meet? There are many reasons why family living, or family caregiving is a great option-it's easier to take ...

Choosing A UK Care Home - Types of Care Home (Popularity: )
Residential Care Homes Residential care homes provide short-term and long-term personal care, and can care for residents' minor illnesses, but don't provide 24 hour nursing care. A residential care home may be the best choice if you (or your relative) are fairly independent and are not suffering from any serious medical conditions that require a lot of care. Different residential homes provide different services and levels of care, but generally they will ...

Five Ways To Keep Family Elder Care Conferences From Spinning Out Of Control (Popularity: )
Gathering the family together to discuss what to do about mom can light the fuse of smoldering family issues. Here are five basic ground rules Rule #1: Put your loved one's needs first. This rule seems plain enough, but when you bring a family together, you bring decades of sibling rivalry, accepted beliefs and long standing issues of trust and confidence (or lack there of!). Rule #2: Invite everyone with a role in the ...

Making a Difference For Loved Ones in Care Facilities (Popularity: )
As I write this, a dear elderly friend may be taking her last breaths in the bed of a nursing home 30 miles from here. Bernice and I bonded like super-glue nine years ago when her son, who is now my favorite ex-husband, brought me home to meet his mother. You know how sometimes you meet someone and you just KNOW them ... how they think, how they react, how ...

Quality Time with a Loved One with Alzheimer's (Popularity: )
Spending time with a loved one who has Alzheimer's disease may raise questions about the best way to enjoy your time together. Perhaps Alzheimer's disease has made it more challenging for your loved one to participate in the activities you used to do together, or maybe you are simply confused about the most appropriate activities to suggest. Involvement in activities that promote a sense of accomplishment, well-being and connection with ...

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect (Popularity: )
Nursing home neglect and abuse is a national disgrace. In fact, this is a widespread -- and increasing -- problem in the United States. An analysis of the death certificates of persons who died in California nursing homes between 1986 and 1993 revealed that over 7%, or 1 in 15, of the deaths of seniors in nursing homes, resulted at least in part, to utter neglect, lack of food or ...