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A Beautiful Gift (Popularity: )
There are loads of occasions during each year when we need to choose gifts for friends and relatives. Birthdays, anniversaries and religious celebrations such as Christmas. It can often be hard to choose presents, finding something that shows you have considered the recipient's individuality can sometimes also be a challenge - flowers, chocolates and jewellery are very stereotypical gifts for women for example. There is now a way in which ...

Tennis Bracelets and Stud Earrings - Elegant Pieces For Your Collection (Popularity: )
Perhaps the two most classical pieces of jewelry a woman could wear has got to be tennis bracelets and stud earrings. The former will dress up any outfit, as well as complete an elegant look. The latter literally can be worn with anything as a way to show off your great fashion sense. One of the best ways you can add these timeless pieces to your collection is by purchasing ...

Silver Earrings (Popularity: )
Silver has always been a popular choice for fine jewelry and utensils. It has almost pulled even with gold in popularity. Silver is harder than gold therefore making it a better choice for making many types of jewelry and utensils. When polished silver has a fantastic glow that makes it perfect for jewelry. Like gold, silver is also a precious metal and has been used to make currency. Silver is ...

Cutting Engagement Ring Costs (Popularity: )
Well, saving money on an engagement ring is dangerous in the minds of many men. For one thing, modern brides tend to expect more "bling" on average than ever before, with the standard diamond expectation these days now up to one carat; 10 years ago it was 1/2 carat. And, polling has revealed that 28% of women would reject the offer of marriage if the engagement ring wasn't up to ...

Marilyn Monroe's Engagement Rings (Popularity: )
Many people would assume that Marilyn Monroe owned many jewelry boxes full of diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. It's true that she got to wear a lot of these things--being a big Hollywood screen start and sex symbol, she was often given jewelry to wear on loan at no cost by jewelers who wanted to use her for promotional ends. So she got to look great for free and they got ...

Genuine Diamond Rings Are Becoming Hard to Come By (Popularity: )
All That Glitters Is Not a Diamond Ring It used to be, in days gone by, that people purchasing diamond rings didn't have to be concerned about too much in terms of fakes, fillers and frauds. But now days, with so much at stake, diamond rings have become target for people wanting to take advantage of the ill-informed. How do they do so? By selling what appears to be genuine diamond ...

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Diamond Appraisal (Popularity: )
There are ten primary reasons why you as a consumer should have a diamond appraisal from an independent appraiser on all your diamonds. We share these vital reasons in an effort to help you avoid the frustrations of of finding out that when comes to diamonds, you didn't get what you paid for. The services of an independent appraiser are extremely important in today's ever evolving complex marketplace. There is a ...

The Marvelous Variety of Gucci Watches (Popularity: )
The Gucci Watch Company has without fail designed some of the most breath taking watches available to the public, continually wowing watch fanatics and fashion enthusiasts with every new style it produces. With such a wide variety, there is a design for both women and men to benefit from. When you buy a Gucci watch, you are telling the public that you made a style choice that impresses. And when it ...

Composition of a Diamond (Popularity: )
When diamonds are not located within a "kimberlite pipe," and excavated via a hard-rock or open pit mine, they are found in alluvial stream-beds. Diamond-bearing kimberlite is an ultrapotassic, ultramafic, igneous rock composed of garnet, olivine, phlogopite, and pyroxene, with a variety of trace minerals. Kimberlite occurs in the Earth's crust in vertical, upwardly-thrusting structures known as kimberlite pipes. The unique chemical and molecular structure of crystalline diamond is what gives this ...

Blood Diamonds - Get the Facts (Popularity: )
In this brief session we are going to define Blood Diamonds and help you understand why you should inquire about your diamond's origin. What Are Blood Diamonds? There are three primary reasons diamonds are considered or classified as Blood Diamonds: 1. They are mined in war torn African countries by rebels who use the proceeds to fund their militia operations. These rebels grossly abuse human rights, imposing forced labor to mine the ...