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             31 October, 2020


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Beer Containers Across History (Popularity: )
It is commonly known that beer has been with mankind for a long time. The way we drank beer developed as beer expanded, grew, and improved. The earlier receptacles man used for drinking included stoneware, pottery, wood, and even sewn-together bits of leather. The quality of the beer glass saw little improvements as time passed on. During the bubonic plague beer steins were essential because of their closed top to ...

Start Buying Italian Wine Online-You Will Not Be Disappointed! (Popularity: )
Did you know that whatever country you live in you still can find that buying Italian wine online is easy? In fact not only beverages from Italy but even buying wine in Canada or anywhere else can be done easily online. There are so many merchants and wineries that sell their produce over the Internet, making it a great way to shop. All offer credit card facilities and many do ...

Wine Tasting Techniques - Do You Do It Right? (Popularity: )
Wine Tasting Techniques - Do You Do It Right? Wine tasting is something of a unique experience. Each person will experience it in their own way but most don't taste it at all. Sure, you may experience the taste of something other than water in your mouth, but until you truly taste wine, you are probably missing its true benefit to you. Today, there is a growing demand for wine tasting ...

Wine Basics - Find Great Wine Values (Popularity: )
Ever felt discontentment and agitated after paying too much for a bottle of wine? Getting a good deal on this kind of product is like getting a good deal on any other. It feels simply good. In fact there is an air of satisfaction just knowing that you have found true wine values in your purchases. Wine values involve more than finding the least costly brand on the shelf. One must ...

Finding Great Wine Stores (Popularity: )
When you have a great taste for wine and want to enjoy it with your family and friends, you have to go to a wine store to look for the best wine you can have. Finding a nearest wine store where you can get all kinds of brands is something you need to do. There are so many varieties of wine available at wine stores to choose from. In addition to ...

Wine Storage Ideas (Popularity: )
There are many ways wine can be stored in a house. You can buy wine racks, have them custom-made to suit your needs, or you can even build a wine cellar for storing wine. Adopting one of these options depends on the amount of wine you have that needs to be stored. If you have a large, sizable collection of wine bottles from all over the world, you might consider ...

Don't Just Throw You Wine Rack On The Counter! (Popularity: )
A counter top wine rack is a perfect solution for wine enthusiasts (or wine enthusiasts at heart) looking for a short term storage solution for smaller quantities of wine. Not only are they stylish, but they are also available in so many varieties of styles, materials and capacities that there is a counter top wine rack to fit the personal tastes of almost anyone. What most people don’t understand, however ...

Serving Alcohol At Parties (Popularity: )
Have you decided to serve alcohol at your next party or gathering? It is a difficult decision to make these days. The party host can easily open him or herself up to liability by serving alcohol. This article will give you some options on serving alcohol and tips on cutting your risk and liability. After you have decided to serve alcohol you must decide how you will serve it. One option ...

Making Port Wine (Popularity: )
I had a friend in college whose life's goal was to move to France, don a beret, stomp on grapes, and make wine for a living. Though I tried to tell her that there was more to wine-making than purple feet, and that berets were so "Clinton Administration," she ignored me and dreamt of grapes anyway. Though I did not share her winemaking aspirations and decided instead to dream of ...

Wine Glasses (Popularity: )
There are nearly as many types of wine glasses as there are varieties of wines, it seems. Of course many wine glass types were specifically made for particular types of wine, such as the traditional rounder red wine glass style. I myself particularly enjoy the stemless cabernet.They were very reasonably priced and have certainly made a wonderful addition to my wine bar area. The cabernet / merlot stemless wine glasses are just ...