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             31 October, 2020



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3 Causes of PC Crash and How to Fix Them (Popularity: )
PC Crashes are caused mainly of the following: Inappropriate Software drivers for a new hardware or inappropriate hardware Virus attacking the Windows operating system Corrupted Windows Registry If you have recently installed a new device, for example, a new TV PCI adapter, check to see if the software drivers you have installed are appropriate to your particular hardware configuration. You will be able to tell if it is the one causing the crash if ...

3 Tips to Speed Up Your Computer - Part 1 (Popularity: )
After using your computer for awhile you probably notice that it starts to slow down, and is not as fast as the day you first bought it. Nobody likes a slow computer, so if there is something you can do to speed it up, then you would jump at the chance right? What many people tend to jump at when their computer starts to run slowly, are computer optimization programs. These ...

A Closer Look at HDTV LCD TV (Popularity: )
A few weeks ago, my friends and I were trying to decide at whose house we were going to watch a big game. My friend, Ken's house has the advantage because it is located in the center. It is 5 miles from my home, 6 miles from Jim’s, and 12 miles from Bret and Sally. However, Ken is a new father so our viewing experience might be interrupted by the ...

Anti-virus - How To Protect Your Computer (Popularity: )
With intruders everywhere one has to be really aware of the ways and means of not allowing anyone trespassing! Well you must be aware of the specialized anti-virus software’s that prevent and repair the commonly found viruses. Still your machine gets infected so I will give you some tips regarding of methods that could reduce rate of infection of your machine. You actually just have to apply common sense! Tips to ...

Antivirus 7 Removal - How to Remove Antivirus 7 the Easy Way (Popularity: )
Antivirus 7 is one of the latest "rogue antivirus" programs to be unleashed onto the Internet. These programs look like normal antivirus tools, but are designed specifically to hound & annoy you, until you give in and buy the upgraded version of this software. Little do many people know that Antivirus 7 does not do anything to improve your PC's performance or security. In fact, it will do more damage ...

Apple iPhone - Get Full Web Experience (Popularity: )
The Apple iPhone packs the Safari web browser, giving full xHTML rendering and JavaScript through a WiFi or EDGE connection. Google Maps is also available for mapping and directions, and a 'widget' system gives you instant access to the information that matters to you. The Heat is a gleaming slider phone with an electrostatic touchpad, but has all the right geeky qualities. The touchpad is set so you can customize its ...

Bose iPod Dock and Bose on Ear Headphones - Two Music Pieces You Can't Live With Out (Popularity: )
Bose has created the Bose iPod dock and Bose on ear headphones both of which are technology that no music aficionado should be without. Ever since its inception we have all learned to fall in love with our iPod. Its ability to give us the freedom of taking music anywhere at any time has now become something that we take for granted however because the iPod comes with earphones we ...

Changing Programs Listed on Your Computer Start Menu (Popularity: )
The "Start Menu" of the Microsoft Windows Operating System is a great shortcut resource, if it's not a clogged mess. Cleaning it up requires knowing a little bit of inside info that most people haven't taken the time to research. I compiled that info for you here. YOUR START MENU'S TWO LISTS OF PROGRAMS The Start Menu on your Windows computer consists of two menus, both of which are lists of programs ...

Cheap iPod Giveaways (Popularity: )
Numerous sites across the internet are giving away free IPODS. Other sites are also giving them away for big discounts. Its all part of marketing of specific sites and businesses. So if you do not have an IPOD there is a chance you can get one of them very cheaply or possibly for free in the near future. However I buy all my apple products, from apple stores I find ...

Computer Hygiene - One Very Important Step Too Often Skipped (Popularity: )
You change the oil in your car, the filter in your furnace, clean the leaves out of your gutters and the lint out of your dryer. Shouldn't it go without saying that you need to do certain things to your computer as well to keep it in shape? Do you keep your computer clean? If you don't, it's probable that your PC is freezing, crashing, giving you errors, or it soon ...